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On November 15, 2004, a little girl from the West Coast of America took a chance. A chance so great that resulted her moving away from home and flying to Korea all by herself. She endured rigorous training, language barriers, loneliness, sadness, and all the other mixed emotions in between. That girl is none other than Hwang MiYoung aka Tiffany aka Mushroom aka Yuri’s Love aka..SONE’s love.

Today in Korea we celebrate the 6th year anniversary of Tiffany’s arrival to Korea. If she hadn’t gotten on that plane, we wouldn’t have SNSD and we wouldn’t have the amazing fandom of SONEs. 🙂 So congrats to you Tiff for having made it this far, for being so brave, for being so cute, for being so amazing, for being so loving, and for just being you..and showing who you really are in front of the camera.

Thanks for pinkufany@twitter for the tip.