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And by girls, I mean Yuri and Krystal!

I was talking about a different kind of love though, like.. you know, the romantic kind and not the sisterly ones mentioned above. jetiisrealforeverandalways. But anywaysss, in what appears to be a “Lesbians’ Top 10 Female Celebrity Choice” poll, Jessica came out on top, with 3 other so nyuh’s making the list!

The above is apparently an excerpt from a magazine of the LGBT club of Yonsei University, and the rankings are:

1. Jessica
2. Shin Minah
3. Taeyeon
4. Lee Nayoung
5. Yuri
6. Lee Hyori
7. Choi Kanghee
8. Tiffany
9. Han Gain
10. Kim Taehee

If Tiffany would go ghey for Jesshika, then why not? With her smoking curves, dorky behaviour, and cold demeanor (which is for whatever reason very hawtt), Jessica would be a great choice for any girl (or guy!). It’s good to see that SNSD is loved in various ways by a large audience, breaking many barriers along the way.



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