Our ladies performs on today’s Music Bank for the 3rd time with Hoot. They are wearing the outfits as seen above,with some slight changes in hairstyles.
Go under the cut for the videos.

Waiting room :

Performance :

They are up against 2AM for the K-Chart this week and they came out victorious with 20516 points! Breaking their very own record from last week,they have scored yet another highest points on the new ranking system.

Win & encore :

In courtesy of Chichinhu@Twitter,here’s the most recent list of the top 10 Music Bank highest scores. The girls holds 8 of them now!

Top 10 Mubank Highest Points 내↘가↗ 소녀시대다~

1위 소녀시대 Oh! 23,077점 (2010/02/05)

2위 소녀시대 Oh! 22,689점 (2010/02/12)

3위 GDragon Heartbreaker 21,322점 (2009/09/04)

4위 소녀시대 Run Devil Run 21,223점 (2010/04/02)

5위 소녀시대 Oh! 20,549점 (2010/02/26)

6위 소녀시대 Hoot 20,516점 (2010/11/12)

7위 소녀시대 Oh! 20,284점 (2010/02/19)

8위 GDragon Heartbreaker 18,995점 (2009/09/11)

9위 소녀시대 Tell Me Your Wish 17,995점

10위 소녀시대 Hoot 17,285점 (2010/11/05)

You can see they are really happy with this achievement.
A big congratulations to them! 😀

Credit : UnknownCarrot170@Youtube