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Let’s all congratulate the girls on their Mutizen win! I’m pretty sure many of us were perhaps expecting the girls to win on Inkigayo after their K-Chart win on Music Bank two days ago. The girls certainly didn’t disappoint their fans, winning the Mutizen on only their second performance of “Hoot” on Inkigayo. Speaking of which, SNSD looked absolutely gorgeous today in their Valentines-Colored outfits.

Win & Encore Stage~ they girls were up against PSY, 2AM, SG Wannabe, 2PM, 2NE1, etc., but were the ones to take home the trophy.

Notice how happy and hyperactive the girls were during their encore stage as they sang along to their own fanchants and shouting “내↘가↗ 소녀시대다” [Translation: “Nae↘ga↗ So Nyuh Shi Dae da! = I am… So Nyuh Shi Dae! (accompanied with a cheesy James Bond smirk)”].

Apparently, the expression started from Super Junior’s “Kiss The Radio”/”Sukira” that aired on the 1st and currently, SONES are trending ““내↘가↗ 소녀시대다” so if you have a twitter, join along.

[내↘가↗ 소녀시대다!]

Once again, congrats to their girls. Let’s hope for another win on Music Bank and Inkigayo next week!

Source: CrazyCarrot360@Youtube (video) & Soshified@Twitter

Written by: ferrerorocher9@SNSDKorean.wordpress.com