You’ve read the interview,you’ve seen the news pictorial,and next up the ladies introduces their 3rd mini album,Hoot.

Check under the cut for translation and Yuri‘s latest Star Call.

Hello everybody, this is SNSD~

Taeyeon : We just released our new mini album, Hoot. Nice to meet you guys~ Lately what have we been doing?

Tiffany : We are having our Japan promotions lately and its has been a long time since we have a comeback in Korea especially after Oh and RDR promotions, so we’re back.

Taeyeon : And apart from being actively promoting in Japan, we also met with our foreign fans (concerts). So we are happy to comeback despite that we are busy (with foreign activities).

Sooyoung : Yes, our title song for third mini album, Hoot is a song with gogo rhythm and retro guitar sound. And this song represented a message/warning from the girls to bad guys. With the cute lyrics, (I’m not quite sure this part…lol. something to do with love and SNSD). This time we have a retro and powerful concept that is different from the concepts that we usually have….so please look forward to our complete transformation.

Sunny : Apart from Hoot, other songs in the mini album are also very charismatic. My Best Friend is a great song so please do listen to it. And also do listen to the Mistake which our Yuri is the lyricist,and the song which is literally, Yuri’s Mistake. yeah so please give lots of love to it. Not only those, please do give lots of love to Snowy Wish too. And last but not least, Wake Up. So please give lots of love/support~

Sooyoung : Did everybody watch the music video?

Yuri : Its interesting, isnt it? We transformed into something something spies…

Taeyeon : And our Choi Siwon sunbaenim also appeared in the Music Video so thank you very much~

Sooyoung : (not sure but its something about the mv is like a scene from a movie then about the dance.)

Hyoyeon : And the Hoot choreography is quite charismatic right?

Yuri : The point (s) of the choreography

Hyoyeon : The first point is the arrow shooting dance. And there’s one more…you put your hands here and you walk like this…

Seohyun : We’ll work hard for the Japan promotions and also for our sudden comeback promotions. So in the future we’ll work hard for the Hoot promotions in Korea so please anticipate it~

Right now Its SNSD~

Here’s the call as promised,english subbed!

Credits : silent_scream@Soompi,keoconvoineverdie & bb0bbo2@Youtube
Translation : sooyounglegs & KissMez@Twitter