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If you guessed that they battled for Jessica, then you’re almost there… almost.

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well, not really, I just find myself an excuse to post this cute YulTiSic gif 8D

On the recent interview with SPN Daily, it was revealed that Yuri and Tiffany had to battle each other for their lyrics to get included in their latest mini-album, “Hoot”. As we already know, Yuri won the so-called battle by having her lyrics used for the song “내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)“. The girls stated that YulTi battled it out to the very end, but Yuri’s lyrics about unrequited love fit the RnB ballad better than Tiffany’s lyrics about never ending love.

Both are written for Jessica, obviously. It’s okay, Tiff, you might lose the lyrics battle but at least you get the girl!

Kidding aside, Yuri denied that the lyrics were from her personal experience, “I have a habit of writing down things on a memo while reading. These lyrics were influenced by some notes I took from a book.” She added, “I’ve always wanted to personally contribute to the album. Lyrics that I had already written up fit well with our new song, so it was a great chance and opportunity. It was very different watching us perform a song that I wrote, as it almost made me choke up.”

While Tiffany stated, “I like writing as well. Should I receive another opportunity, I will take it and go with something stronger.”

The rest of the members also expressed that they want to participate in their next album production as well. They stated that their main goal is to produced an album with nine different song written and composed by each member. The title track will be decided by rock, paper, scissor game — in other words, the title track will be the one written / composed by Hyoyeon. You will understand why if you have watched Hello Baby… because the notorious Kim Choding cheats all the time. ALL THE TIME. She’ll make them re-do the rock-paper-scissor until she win the game, I tell ya.

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The always Fabhyolous Queen of Cheating ♥

I can’t wait till the day where the previously mentioned album come. It will be interesting to know what kind of songs and lyrics the nine girls made.  The interview also revealed how Taeyeon has been busily studying about writing music, while Seohyun has been taking lessons on jazz piano. I wonder if Taengoo will write songs about butt~ 훗

Anyway, speaking of lyrics, I found their new song “Wake Up” has very interesting lyrics. Well, at least, it’s very different than what the girls usually sing about. The cool song has rather dark lyrics with an abusive relationship theme going on. Check out the English subbed video below!


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