A press meeting was held on November 2nd at the Apgujung Everysing store. Among many topics, the subject of Soshi’s energy and fatigue came into play. Many Sones were very worried that Soshi were tiring themselves out with the recent release of Hoot as well as trouncing about in Japan while still working in Korea as well.

Sunny said, “We like to refresh ourselves during our breaks rather than just resting. We like going places with each other or performing special stages. Even when we go to film something, if we have fun at the shooting, then we come back energized and recharged because of that. Even recently while we’re going back and forth from Japan, the members play games every night at our dorm. If we enjoy our time like that, we are overflowing with energy.”

Sunny also said, “We’re really into the ‘Son Byungho game’ recently. We say things like, “Whoever likes sweet potatoes, fold a finger” or “fold a finger if you’re married””.
The game was coined the “Son Byungho game” when the actor Son Byungho introduced the game on an episode of KBS2 TV’s “Happy Together”. The players in the game go around one at a time to say a statement. If that statement does not apply, the player has to “fold” a finger.”
[Note: So for example, everybody holds out five fingers. If it’s Sunny’s turn, and she says “I like apples,” all the members who don’t like apples have to ‘fold’ a finger so they only have four fingers left.]

Tiffany added, “Whenever we hear that somebody is concerned for us, we are consoled and strengthened,” relaying a thankful heart to the fans.

SNSD, who has made a comeback with “Hoot”, will be going back and forth from Korea and Japan to rotate in activities.

There you have it, you don’t have to rest up to prepare for the next task at hand, you can keep your energy up by playing some games…now go find some friends to play the “Son Byungho game” 😛

Source and Credit: taengbear@soshified.com, My Daily