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Updated with short subs from the show.

It’s been awhile since the last time SNSD appeared on radio show. Just now the girls, sans Sooyoung (apparently her mom said she was tripped and got some bruises? :/ ), guested on Sukira (Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio) to promote their latest single “Hoot”. Hosted by SJ’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk who are close to the girls, this watchable radio should be super fun by default!

The eight girls sang “Hoot”, “My Best Friend”, and “Forever” live on the radio. Yuri also sang few parts of “Mistake”, and of course, the tends-to-forget-lyrics-and-dance-steps-of-her-own-songs Kwon Yuri had to forget the lyrics she wrote herself. Haha the other girls kinda did try to mess with her though XD


My Best Friend



Full Cut [WARNING! Unsubbed videos]


Here are some short and quick translations from kissmez@twitter:

After the girls said, “Hello this is SNSD” Lee Teuk instigated their usual slogan by saying the “Right now is….” and the members responded with “SNSD!” Then he continued and said “Always…..” and even though the girls still responded with “SNSD” after they were like “always?” it should “From now on” and he said that’s how it was written in the script lol. Fail!

After individual introductions….

Lee Teuk: I don’t see one member
Eunhyuk: Its okay!
Jessica: Lee teuk just said one member was missing and Eun Hyuk said that it was okay!
Lee Teuk: Isn’t SNSD 9 members? Who is missing?
Then the girls say Sooyoung is missing.
Lee Teuk: Where is Sooyoung right now?
Eun Hyuk: Something must have happened
Yuri: Sooyoung got hurt during one of our schedules earlier.
DJ: She got hurt? Oh no. Where?
Yuri: She didn’t get hurt badly. Its a small injury.
Lee Teuk: We must protect SNSD. If they say they are sick, the broadcast station tells them to rest immediately. Even if it smells or their tongue hurts, we must protect them.
Tiffany: Sooyoung is probably listening to this.
Lee Teuk: Because SNSD is our guest today, all of our cameramen are present today.
Eunhyuk: Yes there are times when they don’t come.
Lee Teuk: Yes both of them are here.
Eun Hyuk: In the beginning, I said “Right Now is…” slogan. How do you guys do it in Japan?
Hyoyeon: Hello, we are SNSD.
Eunhyuk: That’s it?
Then they start to talk in Japanese but I dont understand. Sorry~

Lee Teuk: During Gee and Tell Me Your Wish days, when we did popularity poll with our cameramen, the cameraman on the right picked SNSD Yoona saying that he is a big fan.
Tiffany: When I came in, I was very happy to see him so without knowing it I was greeting him very nicely.
Eun Hyuk: Then its possible that his feelings might change to Tiffany.
Lee Teuk: there’s even a rumor saying that he switched over to IU too, so we’ll see if his feelings remain the same right now.
Lee Teuk: Give the person you like a full one-shot of their face.
(The DJs wanted to see the right cameraman’s feeling but I guess that cameraman was unable to do it so they asked the new one to do it.)
DJ: YURI!!!!!!!!
Then the girls started teasing Yuri because her face got red.
Yuri: it was too sudden!

Eunhyuk: Also the last time you guys were here all together, Lee Teuk took very good care of maknae Seohyun. Everyone is pretty, but who do you think is the prettiest.
Lee Teuk: All 9 girls are very pretty for this album.
SNSD: Ayyyy~~~
Eun Hyuk: then in your opinion, who do you fits this concept the best?
Hyoyeon: Sooyoung! Her hair looks very good on her.
Yoona: We tease her saying that she looks like CN Blue Jung Shin.
Tiffany: I told her that if she doesn’t put on a hairband, she looks just like him so I tell her to wear it all the time.
EunHyuk: oh they do kind of look alike.
Lee Teuk: some fan wants Soonkyu to talk. Please talk. (They said something else but I couldn’t hear very well)
Sunny: This is bora radio so I feel like my hairstyle is too shocking for it.
DJ: No its okay. It looks good. Do you know that there is a mouse hanging on it?
Yoona: She has another head.
Sunny: We just came back from a pictorial, therefore my hair is a bit shocking right now so that’s why I was in the corner.
Eunhyuk: No, it looks good on you.

Funny Hoot poses~

Hyo and Taeng do their funny Hoot poses.
Yuri: We have to stand on stage with a lot of charisma, but they keep doing these expressions so we always laugh.
Tiffany: Its because we are turned around.
Sunny: For the pose, the mid-brow must go up, lip stuck out and the point is the chin. It must go down.
Then they asked Seohyun to demonstrate but she was able to only show off a cute expression.

EunHyuk: when I heard SNSD was going to Japan, I was worried that you guys were gonna stay there for a long time. Then all of a sudden, a surprise comeback. Is there a reason behind the sudden comeback?
SNSD: We missed our fans.
Taeyeon: Our current concept is being greedy so we are doing just that by promoting in Japan and Korea at the same time.
Tiffany: Its very fun and enjoyable
DJ: You guys aren’t tired?
Tiffany: We are
Hyoyeon: To be honest, it is tiring.
Tiffany: But we are happy
Lee Teuk: Yes it must be tiring to go back and forth

Maknae introduced “My Best Friend” saying that this song has a lot of the things members wanted to say to each other. Its something you’ll say to a very close friend. It is a very bright and exciting song.

Yuri’s Mistake

Lee Teuk: I heard that Yuri herself wrote the lyrics to SNSD’s ballad song “Its My Fault”
EunHyuk: what is the lyrics about?
Yuri: This is a wonderful song is about a one-sided love.
Lee Teuk: Did you write it because you personally experienced this?
Yuri: No, indirect experience.
Eunhyuk: So when did you experience this?
Lee Teuk: She just said it was an indirect experience, protect the person who wrote the lyrics!
Yuri: I wrote this after I read a book.
Yuri: Usually when I read a book or watch a movie, I write down a quotes that I like.
Yoona: Then are you plagiarizing?
DJ: Its plagiarized?!
Please sing a little bit so that we can get a feel of what the song is about.
Yuri sings a bit but someone kept adding ad-libs which might have distracted her from the lyrics lol. Yuri then asked Taeyeon to sing it instead but she said to look forward to it another time.



DJ: It’s time for Inside The Hearts Talk! We asked a question each to Sunny, Tiffany, and Taeyeon before the show.
First question was for Sunny:
“I Sunny feel embarrassed when AAA acts like *** even though she’s our member.”
If you think you know how Sunny answered, shout “I know!” then say it like this sentence.

-starting around (22:00)
Yuri: I know! I Sunny feel embarrassed when Hyoyeon says “underground” when she means “underline”.
Sunny: That was in the past.
Tiffany: I know! I Sunny feel embarrassed when Tiffany tries to be funny
DJ: Ah that’s not it that’s not it~
Sunny: Yuri’s answer was close. Only that was something in the past. I’m talking about a newer thing.
Tiffany: I know!!!! I Sunny feel embarrassed when Yuri makes mistakes with her lyrics hehehehehe
DJ: Sunny said Yuri’s answer was close why are you telling something unrelated
Sunny: Fany go home!
Yoona: I know!!! I Sunny feel embarrassed when Hyoyeon makes that cool Hoot expression
DJ: Sorry that’s not it
Seohyun: I know! I Sunny feel embarrassed when Hyoyeon adds another vocabulary to her dictionary
Hyoeyon: How come everything I hear are my bad points now
Sunny: Nah this is more cute than embarrasing
DJ: How about I Sunny feel embarrassed when Taeyeon does the ajumma laugh
Sunny: Yes it’s about Hyoyeon. It is funny and cute but it’s embarrassing because she does it on TV.
DJ: Ok last chance to answer
Sunny: The answer is Hyoyeon’s funny singing voice
Sunny: It became like her habit and without realizing she did it on TV. Why don’t you show us now Hyoyeon
(Hyoyeon shows her funny singing, and how she did it in her Gee parts)

DJ : Ok the 2nd question. It is for Tiffany.
“I Tiffany felt awed by AAA ‘s ability when she did *** !!”

Yoona: I know! I Tiffany felt awed by all 8 members when….”
DJ: Wrong. Next
Hyoyeon: I know! I Jessica…
Haha no it’s Tiffany!
Hyoyeon: Ok ok ok ok I Ticany felt….
Hahahaha She’s starting again
Oh the one is here again
Hyoyeon: I Tiffany felt Jessica was awesome when she made mistakes then…
Jessica: I did what!
DJ: Sorry Hyoyeon Wrong answer.
Yoona Yoona Yoona!
Yoona: I know! I Tiffany feel awed by Hyoyeon’s ability everytime she does something funny!
Correct answer!!! YAY!!!!
DJ: Tiffany, is Hyoyeon that funny?
Tiffany: Hyoyeon is just so funny~ The members laugh like crazy cuz of her
Sunny: For Hyoyeon I want to use this expression to describe us: “Cheek explosion” (from smiling too much) hehehe
Tiffany: Everytime she makes me laugh I think about how I can be like her
DJ: There are different styles of funny people, how is Hyoyeon like?
Hyoyeon: My style is to just let myself go
Sunny: Tiffany is envious and tries to imitate Hyoyeon but never succeeds
Tiffany: When I do it people go like this “What’s wrong with you?” “Why did you have to do that?”

DJ: Last question for Taeyeon
“I Taeyeon was moved by AAA when she did *** ”

Taeyeon: Hint: it’s not one member.
Not one? Two members? Huh?
Taeyeon: Hey! …two kekeke
Yeah? Oh it’s two then!
Reader 111 says “Is today’s show a Hyoyeon special?” Euhahahahaha
Hyoyeon: I know!!!
Hyoyeon: I Hyoyeon… no I Taeyeon…
Do you even know the answer?
Hyoyeon: It looks like I am dominating today so
Hyoyeon: I Taeyeon was moved by Hyoyeon when…
It’s two people
Hyoyeon: Oh…. (looks at Yoona) hey you want a spot?
Ahahahahahahaha! Wanna spot ahahahahaa
See that’s what I mean about Hyoyeon kekekeke
Hyoyeon: Taeyeon is moved when we say “We are always one”
“We are always one”! Is that the answer!?
Ehhhhhh… that one is a little too ogeul
Wrong answer! Last chance
This one is too hard. It’s someone near Taeyeon
Yuri yuri!
It’s Seohyun
Tiffany: I know!!!!!
Tiffany yes?
Tiffany: I don’t know hehehe
Taeyeon: Ok the answer. I Taeyeon was moved by Hyoyeon and Seohyun when they woke early to go to the beauty shop even though they had schedules late the night before.
Taeyeon: But wait. Isn’t all this talk fun only for us?
DJ: If it’s fun for just us that’s good enough

Kim Shinyoung phone call

DJ: Shinyoung are you close with SNSD?
Shinyoung : Yes~
Which member?
Shinyoung: Everyone Sunny, Kim Taebong, Hwang Miyoung Jessic Seohyuk etc
Jessica: Unnie, ppak!!! Eeheeehee (*ppak : Shinyoung’s farting sound)
Taeyeon: She’s the only celebrity who comes to our dorm
DJ: Then how about spilling some secrets
Shinyoung: Ok you’d think their dorm would be very clean
DJ: SNSD dorm! It seems it would be so clean everyday
Tiffany: Yes we are clean~
DJ: It seems like it would be full of fragrance and with fairies
Yeah we have fragrance~
Shinyoung: Fragrance right…smelling like food garbage
Euhahaha Unnie what is that!
Unnie you are the one who brought the raw meat!
DJ: Really?
Shinyoung: Heoheoheoheoheo!
Unnie #$^#^@#@#$ raw meat ^&#@$^&#
And you made us that hot paste noodles
DJ: The members are opposing vehemently. Let’s hear what Shinyoung has to say
Shinyoung: And also… nah. I shouldn’t say this.
DJ: Just tell us something that they need to improve
Shinyoung: Just clean up the house
Shinyoung: And wear clothes properly please
DJ: What they don’t wear clothes?
Shinyoung: No not that. You know the fans give them pajamas for presents.
Shinyoung: Sunny’s pajamas the part around the armpit… that part was all worn out
Sunny: Kekeke the armpit was stifled, wanted some air
Shinyoung: As unnie I wanted to get her a new one
DJ: It’s a sad story. But her side will be cool
DJ: SNSD’s armpits are precious you know
DJ: Shinyoung how about a message of cheer for SNSD
Shinyoung: Nah they can take care of themselves. They’re good at feeding themselves.They got ginsengs at home. SNSD is the best you know. They’ll take care of themselves. Now I just need to get myself in order.
DJ: Shinyoung do well~
Unnie thank you~ Thank you unnie~
Shinyoung: What, are you cutting me off? What? Why?


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