It’s been a few days since the girls’ shot arrows into our hearts with their comeback stages for hoot, but a different type of attention has already surfaced regarding their performances.

On Saturday’s Music Core, the girls’ performed their new song ‘My Best Friend‘ off of their third mini-album, coming on stage in white dresses.

This brought a sense of nostalgia to many fans, as it was reminiscent of SNSD’s innocent ‘Kissing You‘ concept. The members were very playful during the performance, with Taeyeon and Sooyoung’s kiss at the end being a big topic of discussion amongst fans. It now turns out however, the girls’ white dresses and playfulness were all part of their halloween roles to surprise fans – for they were all dressed up as… OTP Killers.

While it was still the 30th on Music Core (and thus not quite halloween), soshi had decided that they likely won’t get a chance to present themselves in such a way during their Inkigayo performances of Hoot and Mistake. Being the fun and mischievous girls that they were, the opportunity to dress up for halloween on Music Core just could not be passed up.

As Sooyoung explains:

We were very excited to come back to Korea for Hoot, and have put lots of preparations into this stage for fans to enjoy. We wanted to show sones that we are not only close with certain members, but that we are all in an open relationship known as soshi bond. 2ny is just as real as Taeny if you look hard enough.

Despite the girls’ efforts to dress up however, many fans had not realized the ingenious costume of OTP Killers and merely passed it off as fanservice. It is only now that the effects have started to appear, as sones are all of a sudden starting to ship SooTae and other less common pairings.

Sunny stated:

Our fans show they love us by cringing and squealing… it’s an odd fanclub, but we try our best to make them happy. Sometimes you just have to surprise them with what they’re not used to seeing. I think we were successful, but Sooyoung better not try that again..

Taeyeon could not be reached for comment, as she unfortunately had a nosebleed when poised with questions.

This is another fictional post, thanks to some other crazy story posted somewhere.

by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com