Obnoxious title? Well after you view the videos, you’ll get why this post has such a odd name to it. 😛

On the 31st, the episode of Running Man with Yuri in it was finally broadcasted. When we viewed the preview, we wondered why the HELL Yuri was tearing…turns out it’s more cute and funny than sad. *Don’t hurt meh..*

According to fanwonder.com,

During the 1:8 Challenge, the members secretly prepared an odd speed quiz for Yuri behind her back and in order to ‘survive’ the challenge, she would have to cheat.Yuri who was not aware of the surprise mission, played the game according to the rules and ended up with tears in her eyes. The members who saw Yuri’s tears were embarassed of themselves.

The one time our Kkab doesn’t act all mischievous, this is what happens to her. D’aww cutie.

Here’s some more hilarious cuts of Yuri:

video credits to: thesonesource14, SSYY009 .


Me? Dies.

Ps. That scream..Snooki. Nuff said.