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Updated with performance video!

Edited by julayyy: the video links were removed so I found new ones.

You’ve been teased,you’ve been kept waiting,and you just can’t control yourselves anymore. Putting all these misery to an end,today marks our girls’ comeback on KBS Music Bank with their latest single,Hoot. ARE YOU EXCITED?! More details and updates under the cut.

It has been reported by silis7noy2@Soompi & PeteSamchon@Twitter that the girls are done pre-recording their performance.

They were wearing the black uniforms which is of my top favourite! HOOOOOOOOOOOORAYYYYYYYYYY!

A quote from silis7noy2 as follows.

Girls were in happy mood, fooling around as usual during the pre-recordings. Taeyeon with her cd-live again. Soonkyu transformation. YulSic duet archery.
Just a quick note about Hoot on digital charts, contrary to what people are thinking Hoot is actually #1 overall if you average all the digital/mobile charts. But like posted previously the important thing is long run and overall mobile sales.

And a fan account.

Before recording Fany was practicing her part faced away and Sones cried “Oh~~~~~~~~~~” and Fany turned around and gave a big grin. Then Fany and Sunny were making gestures of gun shooting each other trying to do the cowboy quick draw, so funny kekeke

On the third recording Yuri fell down during the performance. She smiled bashfully. After the performance was over she went to a corner seeming down. Then it was Fany I think she got a water bottle and ran to Yuri and gave her water while fanning Yuri. Then other members gathered up to fan Yuri together and talk to her. Then on the next recording the girls circled up and they did the “Jigeumeun SNSD!” and Sones also chanted “SNSD!”

The broadcast of Music Bank would start at 5:50PM KST. So mark that on your clock and and refer back to this post for the videos!

Later in the evening at 8:50PM KST,our girls would be busy participating in the SBS 47th Film Festival Celebration Awards at the Hall of Peace, Kyunghee University as well. Speaking of hectic schedules!

A while back,we had reported that Sunny came back as a special guest for the 1st anniversary special of Invincible Youth and it seems like that episode is set to be aired later on at 11:05PM KST on KBS2.

A while back,we were so Soshi-deprived but now we are so fully occupied! Life of a SONE indeed.

Credits : silis7noy2@Soompi,Bestiz,PeteSamchon,Yurui912,Bekkychan@Twitter,As tagged,UnknownCarrot160@Youtube
Article : zheming@snsdkorean