It was a surprise that shook the hearts of many when SM Entertainment recently confirmed that SHINee’s Jonghyun and his ideal girl Shin Sekyung have been dating for about a month. As it turns out, those two aren’t the only ones receiving much attention in Korea, as a post in an online community about SNSD members dating sparked much controversy.

In the post, a netizen claims to be a waitress for an unnamed restaurant near the SM building that the girls frequently visit at night. Usually, it would be Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Hyoyeon that come into the store with scarves on to avoid attention. As the poster describes:

…because I’m the only evening waitress in the quaint little diner, I see them all the time. It’s easy to recognize them even with their disguises on, can’t hide your angelic faces from unnie. ^^

It was noted in the account that sometimes Jessica would come along too, but she would always have a sleepy look on her face, as if the other girls had dragged her out of bed to eat. One time however, it was only the two oldest members of soshi that came in for a late night snack.

I overheard them talking, and it seems like the two just finished watching a movie at the Coex Megabox. Ever since that time, Jessica and Taeyeon have been coming here alone more and more frequently. I think they might be secretly dating. kekeke.

Because of this, many netizens have showed their concern over the issue, some raging with comments such as “I won’t believe any of this! This must all be lies, Taeyeon would never betray Tiffany”. Others were more accepting, with comments like “They look cute together~ I wonder when they will get married? keke. Taengsic fighting!”.

While many Girls’ Generation fans like to create pairings with members and ‘ship them’, the topic starter claimed that Taeyeon was much more intimate with Jessica than seen in any videos or fancams before.





That is, until Jessica said to Taeyeon: “Sorry… I’m afraid this won’t work out because JeTi is REAL!”

Oh, and I guess I’m supposed to show some screenshot of a board to prove something somewhere was posted online:

So if you haven’t realized, the entire contents of this post was fictional. But it sure as hell has a better chance than some other stories out there. *ahem*.

by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com
special thanks: ant.