Updated with FullHD video & fan account!

Not Music Bank,nor Music Core,but Music Station.
It is a long-running Japanese music television program,broadcasting weekly from 8PM to 9PM on Friday,at tv asahi.

Our girls has just went on it and they are set to perform Gee. They are all wearing the same shirts with zebra stripes and a G logo on it,finishing up the perfect combo with colorful skinny jeans.
Without any further ado,check out their interview and performance as follows!

Can’t believe they actually sang the whole song live! But then again,what else can’t our girls do?

It has been reported that they are ranked #2 on today’s Music Station! Woohoo!

On a side note,according to PeteSamchon@Twitter,

a newbie’s full song performance at music station… 🙂

So i assume a rookie would usually have their performance cut short,but not in the case of the girls! Proud of them?

Here’s a fan account from Ainoxxx@Twitter,translated by silis7noy2@Soompi.

Part 1 :

There is a lot I want to write ヽ(;▽;)ノ Let me calm down! Ah I can even say I am soooo happy that if I died right now I won’t have any complaints

First Mstation studio is not that big! Was smaller than I thought I was surprised

So Soshi appears. Really close close too close I didn’t know what to do

They were so cute that you can just describe them as being like dolls and just really so cute!!!!!

During the opening time my sight was at their hips level, and as I was looking at them I was thinking how they have great styles, and being so slender. I really felt that they put a lot of effort to keep that up. There was no such thing as any flesh bulging from their skinnys.

During commercials Soshi, Taeyeon and Sica playing around with each other was so cute and lovable~ Sica fixing her lip makeup. Yoona playing around with the interpretor. Tiffany told Tamorisan(the MC) “Onegaishimasu”. Was all really cute

One thing that made me know Taeyeon was the leader, was that Soshi girls were sitting in the back in the beginning. Then they were to get ready and it was commercial time and someone was singing and the girls had to move to the front seats. At that time Taeyeon became like the commander and was instructing everyone, and that’s something I remember.

Soshi’s stage had colorful blocks in the background and from the audience we couldn’t see it that well. But during the standby as the first song was starting they were facing backward and between the blocks Yuri and Sunny were visible, and my eyes met with Sunny’s (I think! lol)

Part 2 :

At the end everyone gathers and says “Thank you for today” and it was standby time to get ready for that scene(Commercial was playing). At that time Yuri was sending a “nico”(emphatic smile) smile to Group Tamashii and it was so cute.

The one thing that made me so happy personally, was seeing Seohyun’s ring on her left hand!!!! I love YongSeo and I just became so moved. On her left hand it was twinkling brilliantly.

After broadcast was over the show guests were leaving, and Mr Abe was leaving and a fan was calling him (I think it’s against the rules) and well why don’t I call out the name too! So I thought and I yelled “Seohyun! I love you!” and she turned to me and sent me “nico” smile. I was so happy that I thought I could die there.

Other fans of Soshi were calling Sooyoung Yoona and so on and they turned around to us and sent us “nico” smiles * ^ ^ * Soshi girls are so kind

When Soshi’s intro videos were shown and at beginning Kara’s Mister was playing at that moment Hyoyeon was singing “Lalalalalala~” and it was cute * ^ ^ *

During the Soshi introduction VTR the time when they showed Soshi’s legs, Yoona was like “Um–(^ _ ^; )” her face with a sour smile and that was memorable (>_<). I felt they might not be liking how all the attention is being just on their legs

That’s it for my report!! Thank you for reading my bad writing TT I will write again if I remember something again (*^O^*) It was something that I would never have chance again, it was great meeting Soshi in person in their first music show appearance. I am really so so happy. Jigeumeun SoNyuhShiDae! ! ! ! !

Credit : idiot7590@Youtube,chami_aki@Twitter