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Okay maybe that was a bad title D: So recently, the girls were spotted at DisneySea by JSones. This was probably a good rest for the girls. But even so, they were not entirely alone, with the presence of a manager oppa as well as lurking fans. Nevertheless, it seemed like fun!!

This is a compiled fan account that was taken from a few jsones’ blog when they met soshi at Disney Sea. 1. They went to Disney Sea. 2. They went to Disney Sea during the night. (the fan said that because it was pitch dark at Disney Sea so they could saw soshi very clearly was when the girls were walking towards them.) 3. It’s confirmed that Yoona, Jessica, Seohyun and Yuri were there…(that JSone was unsure ‘cos he/she did not count the number of members presented). 4. A manager oppa followed them. (a fan got rejected from the manager when asked for a handshake). 5. This manager was used to be DBSK’s manager. (The fans recognized this manager because DBSK once joked that this particular manager looks like Japan gagman on a certain show.) 6. Seohyun wore a Minnie headband. 7. The girls went to a haunted house. It’s like they have to take a lift to the highest level and go down to the ground floor by stairs and the surrounding are full of horror pranks. 8. A fan saw an upclose of Yoona, Sica and Yuri and said that they were in their causual outfits. The girls went to Disney Sea during the night, so not many people actually saw them. The fans said that if it wasnt they coincidentally met them, its really hard to spot them. And hence there were not much information (regarding the visit to DisneySea).

So the triplets and the ice princess were spotted! How awesome would it be to bump into them in the theme park, like meeting them in a roller coaster ride, or better, in the haunted house? You’d probably be too mesmerised to even bother the horror pranks while watching them scream in fright. What a sight. (That rhymed) Credits: snsdchina / baidu Translations by: _@shikshin By: ruraldaze @ snsdkorean.