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Updated with Tiffany’s photo and message!

Prior to the release of their Hoot album,the girls had left some messages for us on their official website.
Check them out as follows.


SONE jjang~ ~!!
You’ve been waiting~ Have you been waiting??
Hoot!! SNSD is coming back!!

According to rumor
while we sonyuhs went overseas woori Sones
had their batteries charged up to 100 and the loud cheers penetrate the sky ..
Shall we try some shouts and make the station ceiling blow away??? Hahahahaha
Ah really my mouth was so itchy I was dying..
I wanted to let you know the happy news that we are coming back!!! TT TT
Now I can tell you without hesitation!

SNSD is coming back ba ack ba ack ahhhhhhhh!! Hehe
So we’ll see you soon!!


So much love I’m surprised and thankful hoot hoot hoot ^ㅅ^
Let us do this joyfully and together.
Jjok~ (*sound of kissing)


Hoot Hoot Hoot
SONE~! Yo~!
A day where I’m still not over the touching moment of seeing the pink ocean at our Taiwan concert..
Even in Japan… We continued to hear heart-warming news about our SONEs~^^
An upcoming new album..!! Hoot! News that you are giving it a lot of attention..
Gee that was released today! News that you are giving it a lot of love already..
News that SONEs around the world are continuing to give us unchanging love!!
Oh yeah, and happy news for any female in her 20s..
Being chosen… For beautiful skin… That… News… ^.~ !!
Thank you so so much.. I’m so happy..
We will become a Soshi that returns all that love~
Please watch our future activities well.


Cutie pie SONE!!^^
It’s been a long time! I wanted to write more oftenㅠㅠ

Right now, we are traveling back and forth from Korea and Japan for activities^^
Not too long ago, we had a concert in Taiwan
I witnessed our K-SONEs thinking how pretty the pink light is and how you liked it, but also thinking how you couldn’t lose to that either!ㅋ
We really cherish all SONEs in this world the same, so don’t worry^^

You were stunned by the sudden gift of “HOOT”, right!? ㅋㅋ
We were elated in knowing we succeeded after watching your surprised reaction ㅋ
To shock you guys, we had to mind our Ps & Qs in order to maintain our secret~
We tricked our SONEs~I just shoot shoot shootㅋ

Just because we are in Japan, we won’t forget about our K-SONEsㅋ
I was worried that you might cheat, but what cheatingㅋ Most definitely, SONEs are the best^^
I’m not good at expressing myself and I feel like I am not giving back the same love that I’ve been receiving, so I often feel apologeticㅠ
However, all of you know, right? hehe^^

I like how all of us are able to do activities together^^
You don’t have to worry about us thinking we are having a hard time~!
We SNSD are strengthened like steel after receiving love from SONEs,.ㅋㅋㅋ(ewwwㅋㅋㅋ)Kayaa

Let us meet soon!! ㅋ I’m really looking forward to “HOOT” activities~

Support us earnestly ^^ Hoot Hoot Hoot ㅋ


You all thought So Nyeos left for Japan for good, didn’t you?? Hoot.

You all were really surprised when you heard of our sudden comeback, didn’t you?? Hoot Hoot.
Surprise comeback! Hoot~!
Please look forward to SNSD’s new appearance/image~
More than anything, health!
If you want to cheer on So Nyeos, you have to start taking care of your health right now~!

We will see you all soon on stage~!
Hoot Hoot Hoot ^-^


2010 October 22 Late in the evening at our Japan dorm..

Our loveable SONE!!♥

SoNyeo’s ignorance! (namely Sosh-ignorance?! [doesn’t make sense in English, sorry]) How was it??
We did this in secrecy, without any notice, without any rumors, as a surprise!
Nobody probably expected our comeback, right? Euhehehe
Honestly, our mouths were itching! Our bodies were itching!! [to tell you all] It was extremely difficult ㅠㅠ

However! In order to see our surprised SONEs’, we watched over one another to keep it a secret
Feelings of wanting to present something that surpasses expectations.. I wonder if our SONEs know >_< As expected! Our SONEs being surprised! And seeing you all enjoy/like it! We are SoNyeos that patted each other’s butts while watching with light hearts. ♥ Like our SONEs not expecting too much from SoNyeos, us, SoNyeos, hope SONEs laugh a lot, gain enjoyment through us, are happy, and gain lots of strength. And since we worked hard >_< Are our SONEs prepared to come along with SoNyeo’s comeback?? ♥ We’re sorry for appearing without any notice.. But you’re still happy right?! ^0^ hehe! Ah~ I should change my laughing now Hoot hoot hoot! ^^ Now! Our lovable SONEs!! (Should we call roll?) Unnis!! Don’t be so disappointed about us >_<♥

– from Sunny, who can barely take wanting to see you all already ^^


Hello lovers (:
How can I wait until Friday?!!
I’m already really excited with anticipation><ㅋ
Wanting to see more and more of SONEs~
Thank you for the over pouring of love already..
please look forward to us girls 훗^<*

Stay tuned to this post as we bring to you more updates!

Credits : SM Entertainment,Girls’ Generation.smtown.com
Translation : siliy7noy2@soompi,Bekkychan,ch0sshi,kaskusone & Yoongislove@Twitter