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We all know of the greatness called SM Family Love. We witnessed it at SM Town Concert, twitpics, award shows, etc etc. Once again, we can see how SHINee and SNSD are not just label mates, but also a bunch of sisters and brothers.

In the ‘thanks-to’ section of their newest album, SHINee member Minho made sure to acknowledge all nine of the girls:

“… National girlgroup! SNSD! Hard working leader Taeyeon noona, noona you’re so cool~ My noona Sooyoung noona I cut my hair~ Shining like the real jewel Tiffany noona~ Sica noona who I’m now close with~ Really cute on varieties and stages Sunny noona~ Memory+dance the best Hyoyeon noona, Earnest same-age friend, funny but not realizing it herself.. Seohyunah~ Do well!! Always giving help the most pretty Yoona noona~ Noona you know what I said right? I’m thankful and sorry Yuri noona… I won’t forget!”

Awww they’re so cute 😀

Cr: Silis @ Soompi