Yeah, its me again, what topic can i POSSIBLY talk about today? I mean, its not like I talk specifically about any given person *cough*

Our very own most-beautiful-goddess-in-the-world, maknae Seohyun, has been making headlines again. I mean, isn’t her star something to behold? A day can’t pass by without any news about our adorable maknae, and today is no exception.

According to a survey conducted on 781 people, Seobaby was the runaway winner for the buutee that looks the most nachurel (mangling the language aren’t i), with 348 people (44.8%) voting for her. Our sunshine edged out KARA’s Seungyeon (28%) and 2NE1’s Sandara Park (24.1%).

If you want my opinion though, one has to wonder why people do these kinds of surveys at all, although I guess it might be worth knowing who second place is. I mean, can anyone possibly imagine another outcome? SURELY NOT!

Our little baby rainbow has seriously been intensely popular with the media lately eh? I mean yesterday I saw a report of her and…NOOOOOOO, THAT DID NOT HAPPEN, IT DID NOT HAPPEN, I REFUSE TO ADMIT IT, SEOBABY DID NOT HOLD HANDS WITH YONGHWA, IT WAS A HALLUCINATION, THAT SHOW WAS VIDEO EDITED AND PHOTOSHOPPED HER HAND IN!


Credits to MyDaily

Written by SilentArchangel@snsdkorean