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While Soshi was in Japan dominating all sorts of charts and making fangirls squeal with their debut Genie, it appears that CNBlue also had activities in the land of the rising sun. Because the schedules of the two groups overlapped, YongSeo were able to go on a date for an upcoming episode of We Got Married.

Some pictures of the recording were uploaded by fans, and it looks like sweet potatoes are gaining a lot of interest in Japan. It’s not surprising though, considering 95% of Shibuya apparently know our girls, in addition to CNBlue debuting in Japan last year. A staff commented on the skill level of Seororo’s Japanese, and that they looked more natural as a couple in Japan. Oh Yongwha… you are one lucky guy. Do you know how many sandwiches you’re ruining?! (JeTiHyun ftw.)

With regards to the girls’ schedule, Soshi will be heading back to Japan in early October after their short break in Korea for the Chuseok Holidays (a Harvest Festival similar to those of other Asain cultures). The girls will be preparing for their Gee promotions in Japan, which as mentioned earlier, is set to be released on October 20th. Due to the number of activities they have lined up, the girls will also be traveling between Korea and Japan to fulfill their roles. Keeping in mind that SNSD are in Taiwan on the 16th and 17th for the continuation of their ITNW Asia tour, as well as in Singapore on the 23rd for Korean Pop Night, they’ll be moving around quite a bit over the next little while.

And while we’re on the topic of Japan, the girls were featured on an issue of Nikkei Business, a popular Japanese business magazine. The article inside compares the growth and success of Korean companies to Soshi’s recent debut in the Japanese market. It was noted by an SM spokesperson that the influential magazine is subscribed by even the CEOs in Japan, and it appears that SNSD is the first artist or celebrity to be ever featured on the cover. That’s certainly good news for the girls (and moreso for SM), as it’ll help them gain exposure for Japanese CF opportunities.

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