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Translation up!

Our deer Yoona had previously left us an UFO Star Call earlier this month and now she’s back with another round!

The duration of the call is slightly longer than before,and i’m sure you guys won’t mind it.
It seems like the girls are getting their hands on the star calls recently,so we can definitely look forward to more of such!
In courtesy of silis7noy2,here’s the translation of her message.

Hello this is Yoona~
We met at the 1st Sone Fanmeeting yesterday and I’m here again now~
So everyone did you enjoy your holidays?
I met with my family, took a good rest and had lots of delicious food~
It is nice to be with your family, I slept most of the time so didn’t get to have much fun, but I hope you all too can have great times with your families in the future.
Please enjoy lots of delicious food on your next holiday and not to forget thinking about SNSD.. hehe
We’re still in Korea and we’ll be going back and forth to Japan.
We are adopting very well and we get lots of love so Sones in Korea will not need to worry~ hehe
I will be back again next time, the weather will be getting chilly so be careful not to catch cold~
Let’s meet again~ Ppyong!

Source : Chichinhu@Twitter
Credit : kjw6676@Youtube
Translation : silis7noy2@Soompi