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Update: Added fancam of English talk + other fancams!

Update: Added afterparty pictures! (Raw & Edited)

Update: Added quintessential video: Dance Battle!

Update: Added afterparty fancam.

Update: Added new Genie fancam (skaforkids) & YoonYul at hotel!

Note: Bloggers please update this post with more pics/vids/fan accounts!!

With SM Town LA leg coming to a conclusion, members of the SM family would probably be busy partying it out at the afterparty. Oh you would imagine Jessica stocking up more pics on her mobile phone lots of SM love <3. HQ photos and fancams are bound to come, so please be patient! 

Jungcest fancam

Another Jungcest fancam (LOL @ fangirl at the end)

YET another Jungcest fancam ❤

Himnae fancam upclose (LOL fanboy @ 2:11)

Talk in English + Kissing You fancam

Genie (30 secs)

Genie (Dance Break onwards)

Genie (Full song)

Genie (skaforkids. LOL @ background singing!)

RDR + Talk

Gee (HQ upclose!)

Gee (Seobaby was THIS close |–| )


Another Oh! fancam


Ending (Sunny caught Soy’s towel with precision lol)

Afterparty (mad props to Janeberryblue!)

YoonYul running back to their rooms to get down to bidnezz

And some random dialogues from the concert.

sooyounglegs (Twitter)

Fany : I m so nervous rn.. sooyoung: Because her family are watching the concert rn. *fany screams and wave her hands*


Also, kpoplive staff members had a chance to sit down with a soshi member (Jessica or Tiffany?) for an interview and also >>snap pics with them<<, as well as Super Junior members, f(x), SHINee, and Kangta (is it just me or does he look like Siwon o_o).

Credits: uploaders @ soompi + susanyl17 + GalioTV + yeeBeelzebub + holaitzhelen + YHELOTHARLOL + geminiWeapon + janeberryblue + skaforkids @ YouTube + Dennischung  + soooyoungslegs @ twitter.

Compiled and written by: ruraldaze @ snsdkorean.