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Fuji TV finally broadcasted the Mezamashi Live performance in Japan. Although it’s only subbed in Korean, it’s still clear there is a Pink Tsunami hitting the land of the rising sun. Before you check it out, brace yourself for some crazy fangirl action at 7:14!

Tiffany praying before Mezamashi Mini Live concert behind the scenes and Sica joining her:

Not relevant to Japan, but it's for you- Jeti fans!

Must counteract jeti with YULSIC

And, boyband Supernova, who has been promoting in Japan for a while now (reaching #5 on the Oricon Chart), had an interview with Newsen and they talked about Soshi. Rather than limiting their fanbase to just males, SNSD is showing the world that they appeal to ALL people: male, female, Asian, white, black, purple, etc. Supernova, who has experience with the Japanese music culture, thinks so too!

People think that Kara and Girls’ Generation would have a lot of male fans, but they actually have a lot of female fans in their teens and 20’s. If they can overcome the language barrier, then they will have a greater chance of success. Korean girl groups are a hot issue in Japan at the moment. We think Girls’ Generation will especially gain a lot of popularity. Japanese girl groups are aimed at male fans, but Girls’ Generation are more popular with females. This is because their concept will make other females think they’re cool. They are very different from previous Japanese girl groups.

As you may know, SNSD’s first Japanese single- Genie– is dropping on September 8, but preorders are available online. All Limited Editions (First Press) are now sold out. This means YesAsia, CDJapan, Tower Records, HMV Japan, and Amazon.co.jp are now only selling the Regular Edition. Dang these Sones are fast!

Bubble Girl bought all the Limited Edition CDs:

Anyway, front page of Malaysian newspaper:

Hale yes

Nikkei Entertainment! October 2010 Cover:

On September 18, Soshi will be performing in Tokyo at the Girls’ Award Japan 2010 Autumn/Winter Event. The Girls’ Award Japan is Japan’s biggest fashion and music event. In addition to SNSD, Koda Kumi, w-inds, May J, 4Minute, and others will be performing as well.

Music has had a big influence on fashion, some examples being The  Beatles and The Sex Pistols. There is proof that there is power to draw  out fashion potential through music. We’ve had a desire to have fusion  of fashion and music. Rather than just being in the same hall, we will  mix both fashion and music. It’s a comprehensive girls event where those  attending will be overwhelmed by the mutual charm of both the fashion  and music.


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