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0:13 min left before my laptop dies, but real quick-

Soooorta unrelated, but still so cute I had to share. ZE:A’s Heechul has confessed his love for our very own Sica not once or twice, but FORTY times! (slight exaggeration taken into consideration lol) Even at the past ZE:A fanmeeting, he professed his ideal girl as the one and only Ice Princess and again on the next Yang HeeEun’s Cooking Show, Heechul has been adamant in sending Jessica yet another fan message.

"omgiloveyou!" "you're not yuri!"

He shyly stated, “Jessica has been my ideal girl for a long time . I’ve met her several times during performances and I was nervous.” He even waited outside the dressing room to “accidentally” bump into her! Talk about committed fanboy!

He then made an on the spot video message for Jessica by confessing, “Despite this being my 40th video message for you, I still haven’t received a response. Next time we meet, please feel free to talk to me.

Heechul seems really nice, but Sica’s too busy with Yuri 😀 😀 😀

Cr: Dailian.co.kr