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Edit: Another filming picture from MV

FINALLY. Now we get a little taste of Shoujo Jidai, with the teaser for the Japanese version of Genie. The concept appears to have changed by  looks of the MV to a more cutesy feel but still smexy 🙂 It even kinda looks like a circus related concept thing…(?) I guess we’ll have to see the entire MV, but for now this is good enough! Let’s now spazz together, Japanese style.

Another picture from the filming of the MV (sorry it’s a bit small) Not really the military outfit we’re used to seeing, but they still look cute nonetheless. The old outfits looked more powerful but I’m thinking they’re going for a more cute concept, which is pretty much what JPOP is known for. Not really feeling the white hats yet….but I probably will later on haha.

And another little btw, according to PeteSamchon (bossa747)  the lamp rubber guy is apparently an SM trainee.

Credit: youtube (universalmusicjapan), soompi (silis7noy)