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Super High Resolution Genie Cover Picture w/o Wordings

With the girls’ debut in Japan getting closer and closer,it has been announced that the teaser of the Japanese Genie MV would be released tomorrow(20th Aug GMT+9) over at Universal Music Japan’s official Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe to it to get the latest update!

Oh yeah,did i mention that the girls are receiving overwhelming response for their upcoming Japanese showcase on the 25th? Due to this,it has been confirmed that it would be presented thrice on the same day to accommodate the estimated 20,000 visitors. Beforehand,the showcase were planned to be held for only 10,000 people.

Seems like there’s a lot of work in store for our girls but they are definitely rocking their way up to success in Japan! Best of luck to them with much love. 😀
And make sure you guys purchase the Genie album!

Sources : Soompi,Sosiz
Article : zheming@snsdkorean