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I believe most of you guys had already seen the Japanese Genie MV teaser right?
Now in courtesy of soonkyu@tumblr,here’s the audio rip without the intro and it runs for 1:29 minute! It’s really addictive,so yeah enjoy it while you are waiting for the official release of the MV!

Download here

And one more thing,it seems like bullet time effect is the trend for the MVs of the members of SM Family. How is that so? Let’s take a look at the following.

Super JuniorNo Other

SHINee Lucifer

BoAHurricane Venus

SNSD Genie

Surely you can spot the similarity? I find it pretty amusing. Perhaps the director is all along the same guy. d:

Source : Soompi
Credits : soonkyu@tumblr,hellotheregoodbye@tumblr,as tagged.
Reupload : zheming@snsdkorean