EDIT: Added more pictures and some tweets 😀

On the 21st at 4pm, the first SM Town Concert will be held at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium! Some pictures have been released of our girls rehearsing and of the stage itself! Check it out 🙂

credits; jamielovesosi, G0805G @ bestiz, dcyuri, reuploaded by boss lady@snsdkorean

Check back later on today for more posts related to the concert! Who’s going?! Wooo 😀

Here are the other new pics!


going to e sm town stadium to take a look cuz we hear sound of rehearsal!! OMG! is my girls! etude now!  about 4 hours ago
watch them rehearse for kissing you too. i DID NOT cry! i DID NOT!  about 4 hours ago
just now e girls  rehearsed for etude, kissing you, 냉면, hahaha, way to go, OH!, gee and  RDR accordingly. i don’t noe wat’s before etude.
all e girls left aft RDR. onli scia stayed back. i guess she stayed to rehearse with krystal.
i love how taeyeon turn to smile and look at sica during gee. she wanted sica to sing it for her. <3333333333