ManyR is an indie singer/rapper who happens to be a hardcore sone. I’m sure some of you have heard of him- This guy ain’t no amateur. He made several songs for individual members that are definitely worth listening to (he collaborated w/ GIGANTIC for a couple). Hopefully they become subbed in English soon. Anyway, after I heard his songs, I felt I needed to share. Enjoy!

Taeyeon: you can download this song here

Yuri: here


Jessica: here

and another one with Mighty Mouth’s “Love Class” background 


Sunny: GIGANTIC’s birthday song to Sunny using Mighty Mouth’s “Let’s Laugh”

Download here

Seohyun: here

Cooky Rap Version:

1000th Day Celebration: Download here

As for the other girls’ songs, we’ll have to wait 😀

Hopefully, ManyR and GIGANTIC release a CD. I would def buy

Cr: ManyR; GIGANTIC; OnlySeohyun