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Yes. It’s all gone now.

Not even one left…as reported. It’s a shame, isn’t it? But at the same time it’s quite strange… How can they all be gone in such a short time? Well, it’s no wonder. It’s SNSD. That’s why.

warning: this post  may contain traces of SNSD’s asia domination.


LOL @ this picture. 😛

Note: there’s been comments about this picture and some people are misleaded. This ‘asia domination’ picture shows that SNSD’s music and popularity is reaching many parts of Asian. SNSD has visited SOME countries and performed there, however, just because there’s a flag on the country doesn’t mean they’ve ACTUALLY set foot there, and it doesn’t predict their future actions either.

SNSD’s domination in Asia can be seen as a great success. They’re ‘conquering’ many parts of Asia, including achieving first place in their quality shows in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand (as mentioned in previous posts) and the Philippines. Their tours in China have also excited many soshi fans alive out there. SNSD’s recent ‘colonisation’ of Japan, of course,  is no exception…

On the 11th of August, SNSD released their DVD “SNSD Arrival – Arrival in Japan Commemoration Disc” in Japan. This package also included a FREE special ticket to their first Japanese event on the 25th  at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum that is predicted to have an audience of 10,000 people.

In total, there were 10,000 limited edition DVDs for pre-order. However, they were all gone in a split second. Their colonisation skills  are just too powerful…   What’s even more shocking is that there weren’t any of these limited edition DVDs available for sale at the shops, even on the day of release. Just imagine you were running down the streets, all pumped up and excited to purchase their newly released limited edition DVD. Then, when you get there … BAM. It’s all Gone. Nothing. Of course, many enquiries from soshi fans curiously asked “where can i get my hands on it?” The truth is, the pre-orders were all sold out! But..shouldn’t there still be some on the shelves? However, it’s been said that 40,000 copies of this DVD have been shipped out. Hmmm…this strange phenomenon just reveals their popularity in Japan. There goes another part of SNSD’s empire 😀


Credits: Kanki@Soshified.com

Post written and picture (girls’ asia colonisation) edited by: annabananaz@snsdkorean.wordpress.com