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Once again, the staffers here just love Soshi so much that we have way too many faves to share. So here’s the LAST part of our favorites! Hopefully by splitting it up this much, more people will actually be able to load it and want to watch all the videos and look at all the pictures!


Favorite Performances :
[080704] KBS2 Music Bank – Tell Me

[090328] MBC Music Core – Let’s Talk About Love & Gee

[090815] MBC Music Core – Tell Me Your Wish (Remix)

[100220] MBC Music Core 200th Anniversary Special – Into The New World

Favorite Moments :
– YulTae’s Kisses
– “Nice” Soonkyu
– “Fool” Sooyoung
– Has Taengoo stopped growing?

Favorite Pictures :
http://i32.tinypic.com/2cfwbrm.jpg – Viliv Group Photo
http://i27.tinypic.com/33xg7jp.jpg – Genie Group Photo
http://i30.tinypic.com/2jdezb8.jpg – Gee Group Photo
http://i32.tinypic.com/24fzqxi.jpg – Samsung Anycall Group Photo

Favourite GIFs :
http://i28.tinypic.com/2hd06dj.jpg – Yuri’s body wave
http://i32.tinypic.com/59zi2x.jpg – Boxer Yuri
http://i31.tinypic.com/5x3cdf.jpg – Taengoo’s heart
http://i26.tinypic.com/24cfyma.jpg – Adorkable Taengoo

Why i love snsd?
Simply watching over them brighten up my days.



Fav. Performance –
090719 Genie/Tell Me Your Wish On Inkigayo

My favorite broadcasted performance: I chose this performance out of thousands of SNSD performances because “Genie” is one of my favorite songs and their “Genie” concept is my favorite SNSD concept since they debuted. This specific performance had the best background/stage (I love GREEN! :B), the best Genie outfits, best heels, best hairstyles and best make-up in my opinion (my favorites).

091220 Complete Fancam At SNSD’s 1st INTW Concert

My favorite non-broadcasted performance: The fact that the girls stopped in the middle to stop singing, come together in a circle, and having a moment of silence just to think about the memories they had/being able to be together as 9 during the performance was touching. Touching enough that it made me cry (which I don’t usually do).

Let’s Go Sosi Fan Remix MV Of Their 1st Album Performances

My favorite random SNSD video: Love this video. An epic and well done remix of the girls’ various 1st album performances.

Taeyeon,The Best Kid Leader Fan MV

My favorite random video: hands down, this has got to be my favorite random video that isn’t all SNSD based. It’s a fanvid dedicated to Taeyeon and it just shows how awesome SNSD’s leader is.

My favorite group picture: the group picture found in the girls’ “Genie” mini album is definitely my favorite group picture. They look so bright, pretty, and happy to be together. It makes me think, “forever 9.”
My favorite couple/pairing picture: even though I ship and love many couples like the JeTi and YuTi couple, the TaeNy couple is my favorite couple and has always been my favorite couple from the start. I’m a loyal TaeNy shipper haha and this is my favorite couple/TaeNy picture. Love how they care and support one another (;

My Favorite SNSD member picture: Taeyeon has always been my favorite member and this picture really depicts how lovable, dorky, and cute she is. To think she is the leader and mother of her 8 “children.” She’s totally a kid leader!

My Favorite GIF: Just love how dorky and lovable my favorite member is in the gif.


Boss Lady

These are my faves and it was hard to choose because all the staffers picked mine already 😦


I know I totally pushed the limit 😛 I’ll keep it short for pics/gifs


I apologize if this post was once again long and messy..my fault for procrastinating on this. but we hope you readers enjoy our favorites just as much as we did 😀 I don’t know bout you all but I def. found some unwatched vids here!