Domino’s Pizza has just released new advertising pictures featuring some of our girls. Every time I see their promos for Goobne and Domino’s though, I can’t help but think how ironic it is that Seobaby tells us bad diets can kill you yet here she is, looking so cute on a junk food’s poster 😦

If you’re in Korea, start ordering awaaayyy~

Check it out…triplet love ❤

Credits: naver, circe
re-upload: tetecaca@soshified, boss lady @ snsdkorean.wordpress.com
DO NOT HOTLINK. I reup-ed these.


Since we’re already talking pictures, here’s the latest fantaken image from the girls filming the Genie MV in 3D!

Credit: DC
re-upload: tetecaca@soshified, boss lady@snsdkorean.wordpress.com