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Pfttt you thought we forgot didn’t you?

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Cindy. At the time, 15 year old Cindy really really REALLY liked a girl group named Girls’ Generation, so she created a blog named snsdkorean. That’s about all I could tell you about the story, because I certainly can’t give you an ending – it’s still going. How about a middle then, what’s happened since then? Well, you’re reading it every day. Oh, you wanted more details about the boss? That would be a bit stalkerish and even I would be knocked out by the boss protection squad for publishing such info. But what I can say is that today is a very special day. Now that it’s two and a half years later, she’ll be turning into a big girl and hitting the big one-eight.

Cindy will see a lot of big changes during this time, if she hasn’t already: university life, more responsibilities, and of course more privileges. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is her dedication to that little blog she started a few years ago. Sure, she’s hired well over a dozen people to write, graphic design, and podcast, but there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that her efforts are unparalleled. As of this moment, this blog has a total of 3,161 posts – the boss wrote 1,807 of them. That means this girl trumps all of the other 15+ writers combined.

Thanks for creating the blog. Thanks for constantly updating it. Thanks for hiring us. Thanks for picking up posts and doing it yourself when nobody else does. Thanks for being mature. Thanks for having an awesome attitude. Thanks for being here.

Here are just some of the wishes from the SK family & friends:

happy birthday misz boss lady! yayy u’re finally legal. get wasted! go to them 18 clubs. go buy some lottery tickets/scratchcards. don’t buy cigarettes! haha have fun on your birthday weaniee & get caked



I remember the first time I gave you some of my writing material to put up, you did it graciously and with gusto. It made me take the step to apply for a writing position when I found out that even though you’re a junior to me, you behave like a boss lady :P. You’ve hit the big 18, though that means crap all in the USA, come down under and we can have a pint legally XD. We’ll see where this boat runs, I’m happy to be a part of this family, and happy that I’m not on your bad side…yet….have a happy birthday Cindy.


From the bottom of my heart,i wish you a very happy birthday Cindy.
Your birth is one of the most awesomest things that falls on August,besides Tiffany’s birthday & the girls’ anniversary.
Thanks to you,there’s snsdkorean,and then there’s us. Just wanna tell you that i’m proud to be part of the team.
I’m not very good with words,so pardon me.
Nevertheless,have fun on this very special day of yours! πŸ˜€

P.S. YulTi is also my top favorite couple. β™₯

Boss Lady, Happy Birthday!
This WordPress was the first one I stumbled upon when I first got to know about the girls.
Ever comprehensive, ever the first to keep us updated, all thanks to you.
Boss Lady, Happy Birthday from all of us.


Happy birthday! Now that you’re legal, you can finally go crazy. But don’t go too crazy, the boss protection squad will go crazy if you overwork us.


Happy birthday our awesome Boss Lady! On your birthday I’d like to thank you for your hard work and amazing dedication for this blog. Hats off to you! I hope you’ll do well in everything you do~ happy birthday, Cindy! Short bday wish is short, but I made a, uhh… wallpaper for your birthday (no, it’s not YulTi hahaha) http://i36.tinypic.com/jhfqeh.jpg


sup boss laday! you’re finally legal now, so no excuses when we ask for some CindRia fanservice : )
&&&& bottoms up to ya entering college real soon! drink alot, eat alot, and most importantly, love alot : D
keep up the awesome dedication you’ve shown for this blog for the past 2 years.
you’re a good boss, and you’d only grow to be better and better in the future too.
though I’m a JeTi shipper, here’s to ya!

(didn’t think i’d remember hey?)


Boss, you’re pretty amajjing, y’know?


Happy Birthday Boss. I hope your day is filled with roman candles, gummy bears, Yuri raps and new comfy shoes. Have a good one.


Dear Cindy,

First of all I’d like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a staff member, and I’ll try my best to write more sophisticated posts on the blog ^^.
We’re not close friends at the moment, but it doesn’t matter because things take time, but I’m hoping in the near future we will be (:
Anyway, Happy Birthday Cindy ! Thank you for your care and kindness. May you have a day that is as wonderful as you. =]

Anna xox

Hey Cindy,

Best of luck in college, and don’t let things get you down! One day, everything you’re stressing about will be insignificant because you’re an awesome person. I look forward to creating lots of memories with you on this blog. Happy birthday!


OMG CINDERZ IS 18!! Ok, for your bday present… you can keep the ladder πŸ˜‰
Much love!




HAPPY BIRTHDAY CINDY! Thanks for serving my soshi addiction πŸ˜€

And thanks for all our weird conversations. Dennis Oh, the guys you think are hot (who all look the same), twilight references, katy perry, informing me about don jess, tv shows, etc etc.

Speaking of tv shows, since you watch jersey shore, http://www.buzzfeed.com/bfeld/the-best-moments-from-last-nights-jersey-shore-e

snooki is so dumb.


PS. Sorry for tainting the site with this awful picture that is not snsd. To redeem myself,

PPS. Look behind you.

Dear Cindy,
Guess what? You’re becoming an official pedophile in a few days/hours/minutes/seconds! Aren’t you excited?! You can now illegally touch little kids… LOLOL!!?!??!? I really do hope you will have one of the best birthday ever! Maybe the Cindy’s stalker protection crew will stop by to protect you from stalkers on your birthday but since you are turning legal, we might have to retire since I guess it’s isn’t that illegal for weirdos to stalk you… ANYWAYY!! Have a fun, great, awesome, but safe… Birthday party! Don’t end up in jail too quickly!!

lovelvoelovelove(O_O i don’t know why i wrote that)


p.s. now that you are 18, please don’t -omitted- in bottles anymore and leave it on your table. -omitted- LOLOLOL!

I would spam you with YulTi pictures but I remember you being a TaeNy fan first so ;D

[you can do that to maria if you want now ;D]

[maria molesting you back..]

[couple fight…]

Because Cindy loves Tiffany…

And because I know you love this even though you deny it…

That’s right readers, we ship our own staffers.

Please give the boss lots of love in the comments, this site wouldn’t exist without her!