Now that soshi’s anniversary is officially over according to Korean Standard Time, this is just a quick update about what’s new at SNSD Korean~

As you may (or may not) have noticed, we got a new layout! Overall, it’s not too big of a difference compared to the old one as far as positioning and whatnot, so we hope it’s not too hard to get used to haha. If you have any suggestions/comments, please leave them below and we’ll look into them!

The long overdue ‘about us‘ page is now public, and has been moved under the questions/comments menu.

In addition, we’ve released a full (okay, kinda full) soshictionary! *points to fourth tab from the left* If you followed this blog last year, then you may remember this as one of our anniverssary posts for soshi’s 3rd anniversary. This year we’ve brought it back and it’ll be here to stay as a permanent feature. A lot of terms were added, but we know we’re still missing quite a few (especially when it comes to all the cross pairings), so feel free to suggest terms that we’ve missed as well. 

Over the past little while, we’ve also adopted new members to the sk family! Please give a warm welcome to:

  • Kenneth
  • Steve
  • Nukem384
  • catfatcat
  • FrozenArctic

And finally, a big thank you to the rest of the team for making all of the 4th anniverssary features (and regular site updates) possible, you guys are absolutely amajjiang! I couldn’t have asked for a better family.