Edit: decided to bump this post back up with some more recent rumors regarding the song!


[Rumor] Yesterday, SNSD finished recording the song for S♡NEs. They also participated not only words and music, but also arrangement.

[Rumor] The official information about this song might be noticed through press before the fan-meeting in September

Rumor has it SNSD will soon be releasing a song for SONES! Here’s the tweet from Yurui

SNSD make their first own song for S♡NE, and it’ll be shown at fan-meeting in Sep. (Lyrics: SNSD | Composition: Taeyeon & Seohyun)

SNSD’s first own song for S♡NE sample file http://pds19.egloos.com/pds/201008/02/05/so_onemrcut.swf

Say whaaa!! A song for the fans, lyrics and all by our own girls? This is just one of those rumors that you pray are for reals. 😀 I know what a short post but this is just one of those updates you gotta share. The SWF file sounds pretty cute and innocent. Something I’d expect to hear from the girls!