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Updated with Star Call translation & another fan account from Tiffany’s birthday party!

Following suit of Sooyoung & Jessica,Tiffany has also made a Star Call recently. She were seen wearing the Genie outfit in the video and looking beautiful as always.

Here’s what she said.

So many people congratulated me on my birthday,I am so so grateful and this feels like the most happy day!
SNSD is not around that often these days but we are always here looking at you!
So if you leave us you know what would happen, right? Hehe
Please continue to watch us SNSD often and I hope we can spend more birthdays together.
I miss you~

In courtesy of Yurui for the translation,check out the details of her 22nd birthday party under the cut!

1) All 9 members were there.
2) They were playing with fishes. Tiffany & Yuri hates them.
3) 8 of the girls gave Fany a mackerel toy. It looks something like this.
4) Tiffany performed to Rain‘s Hip Song & Norazo‘s Curry.
5) When Tiffany were closing her eyes and wishing, Sooyoung put cake cream on her face.
6) Tiffany signed, then shook hands and hugged some SONEs.
7) When the party was started, Sunny said ‘Here are so many jobless members’ lol
8 ) After singing b-day song, SNSD sang congratulation song for debut in Japan.
9) When Fany saw the eye of the fish toy, she escaped and shouted,and maybe a little bit cried.
10) Rino & Shim Jae-won(choreographer) attended and when they came to the room, SNSD performed Genie a little bit.
11) Some SONEs asked her about musical, she said that she wants to do a musical.
12) Tiffany said they prepare really hard for debut in Japan, and they will often come and go between Korea & Japan.
13) Tiffany said, she takes acting lesson recent days.

I’m so glad the girls had so much fun!

A new fan account translated by siliy7noy2.

After the staff’s announcement Tiffany comes out~ Fany says since it’s her birthday she will do the MCing keke Hyoyeon and Sica comes out but they weren’t supposed to yet so they go backstage. Tiffany then says “Come out friends~” but we can hear Yoona‘s signature baby voice “Sireundae~”(I don’t want to) then all the members say “Everybody sireundae~” kekeke

All the girls then come out now, they had a shooting and did song recordings too before coming. Sooyoung said how about Taengoo be the MC for a change… then Fany says she just quit Music Core yesterday so she wants to MC… kekeke Taeyeons starts the ceremony
Then Soonkyu says “Taeyeon this is not Chin Chin kekeke”
Taeyeon: “I said don’t mention that kekekeke Making me tear up kekeke”
Sunny: “We have become unemployed now, feel so empty TT TT”
Yuri: “Hey I lost two jobs~”
Sunny: “Oh Invincible Youth TT”
Yoona: “Me too me too FO2! I didn’t just quit the whole show disappeared!”
What a comedian these girls kekeke

Next the cake comes out and it is a pink cream cake. Fany seemed to realize what will happen and said
“Ahhhh~ It’s cream cake~”
Sooyoung: “Fany at least it’s pink”
Yuri: “That’s right pink pink”
Fany: “Ok… since it’s pink.”

So they sing the Happy Birthday song but before blowing out the candle Fany stopped everyone and said that besides her this is also the birthday of the whole SNSD, so they sang the song one more time hehehe

Sooyoung told Fany to close her eyes and to make a wish. The fans chanted Tell Me Your Wish hehe. Then Sooyoung quickly creamed Fany when she had her eyes closed kekeke Fany ran away then when she came back Yuri started putting cream on Fany’s cheeks, nose, chin…as Fany gave up resisting and just sat there kekeke

Sunny then told Fany to tell her wish, maybe if she wants to revenge Sooyoung, like burying Sooyoung in the cake kekeke and the fans cheered
Then Sooyoung told Sunny “I am too long for that, but I think you are short enough for it” and Sunny did the cheek candy thing ready to pounce on Sooyoung. Then Taeyeon came and told Sunny that they cannot win this situation, oh Dandyu TT kekekeke

Yuri then told Fany that the members have prepared a present for her and Fany has to close her eyes. Fany said no she thought they would cream her again. The members told her no they won’t, they will get rid of the cake then. So Sunny dragged the table with cake away and near the stage edge Sunny tripped and fell on her butt. She wasn’t hurt but Taengoo said Sunny fell at the exact same spot before keke

So when Fany close her eyes Yuri took out a rubber fish and held it in front of Fany’s eyes kekeke. When Fany opened her eyes she yelled “Kyaaaaa!” then ran far away to backstage kekeke Fany came to Taeyeon and whispered something in her ear kekeke. The members kept teasing Fany with the fish and Sica was having fun watching it, So Fany told her “Would you like it if you had cucumber slices on your face?” then Sica was all panicking kekeke Yuri then said “Hmm that’s a good idea thanks.” kekeke Fany said “Give me that fish!” then I think Sunny or Hyoyeon said “Oh so if we give it to you, you can hold it yourself?” And that made Fany yelp and run away again keke

Sica excitedly told the fans “We have a special MV!!” “It’s a 3D MV!!!”
Everyone told her they already know…
Yoong says in her baby voice “Da aneundaeng!”(Everyone knows) kekekeke
Hyoyeon was playing with a mic on Sica’s stomache and Sica did stomache waves and they were cracking up keke

Next, fans were asking questions, the first one asked, “Did you get the picture frame yesterday?”
Fany: “Ah yes!
Sunny: “Ok. Next.” (Everyone laughs)
Fany: “kekeke please continue~”
Fan: “Are you going to hang it in the dorm?”
Sooyoung: “Fany likes to hang things in her room~”
Fany: “Yes. The pictures and stuff from fans I hang it in my room or…”
Sooyoung: “The fridge!”
Fany: “Yes we put it on the refrigerator. Anything like those give them to me~ It’s no use if you give them to others kekeke”

The next was not really a question but the fan gave a word of encouragement, that Sones will always be there for the girls even when they go away to Japan. The girls were moved by those words. Sooyoung said the girls are so thankful, that even whey they go away to Japan the fans don’t stop loving them but continue to believe and support them.. she said no matter what other people are like, the fans are always on their side… The girls will do their best in Japan and will come to Korea often hehe Fany tried to joke to Sooyoung something like “What are other people like?” and Sooyoung said in English “I’m serious!” kekekeke

The third person asked what were some memorable gifts and Fany answered she got a pink iPad… she was playing with it until just now keke Also memorable was the espresso machine she said keke

Next person asked if Fany was interested in doing a musical and she said of course. She is even receiving acting lessons these days… But Fany said she will show that next time hehe
Fany: “In one of the acting lessons there’s a dialogue I do which goes like ‘Ahjussi… then lean on my shoulder’. And I was practicing this line in my room and Hyoyeon overheard it outside and thought I was going out with an ahjussi kekeke”
Sica: “That’s what I thought too” keke

Lastly a fan asked Fany to do the Hip Song dance, and even brought a sunglass for it keke
Fany said she wore skirt so she can’t.. Taeyeon told her “Hey last time at Seohyun’s birthday party you promised that you would do it today!”. So Fany said Ah ok I can dance Norajo Curry and did the Curry dance keke Then she gave in and did the Hip Song dance~

The party was now ending, Sooyoung told the fans not to jump ship to other groups keke Next to her Fany and Yoong were dancing missA‘s BGGG then SistarPush Push Baby~ keke
And Fany said “That’s right don’t jump ship, if you do, I am going to send that fish to you!!”
That made fans yell “Give it to me!” “Me!”
And Fany said “Argh.. you like that thing?” keke

Finally Taeyeon told Fany to say the last words.
Fany: “Uh… Um… I don’t know hehe”
Taeyeon: “You can say it in English~ Really~ We’ll translate it kekeke”
Sooyoung told Fany something in English but I cannot understand it keke
Fany: “We have prepared a lot for the Japan activity, I mean really a lot~ And we will really try our very best… Please wait for us~”

And everyone ended with Jigeumeun Apeurodo Yungwonhi SNSD~

The girls disappeared behind the stage but Fany didn’t leave and continued to wave her hand TT

And outside at the parking lot there were fans who could not get into the birthday party. Tiffany went up to them and they gave her fan letters and presents and she got them all and she talked to them for few minutes before leaving. What an angel…

*all 9 girls were there, including Seohyun(She actually prepared a speech but didn’t have chance to tell it)

Credits : Yurui912@Twitter,silis7noy2@Soompi,Judy@sosiz,BlessYou@dc,온리탱♡@dc,시카시카해@bestiz & 사르르@bestiz
Article : zheming@snsdkorean