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You know what you will always see in Vietnam? Bikes. Motorbikes, bicycles…They’re goddamn everywhere. But hey, one could say it’s the national ‘ride’ of Vietnam. Almost cultural, that bi-wheeled vehicle.

So! In true Vietnam fashion, as a fantastic display of S♡NE pride, our Vietnamese counterparts recently took to the streets clad in pink upon their noble metal steeds as a part of their ‘PINK LINE’ project organised by V-SNE. On Tiffany’s birthday no less! Keep reading for some excellent snapshots of their pink parade around the Hoàn Kiếm Lake in Hà Nội, Vietnam’s capital city;

Gotta say kudos for those adorable banners! It looks like everybody had a blast, and note the normally-dressed civilians caught up in the pink sea who are either going ‘wtf’ or just laughing their heads off.

You wanna know the funny thing? My cousin is in there somewhere.

If I recall, V-S♡NE organised an event a while ago where they flooded Taengoo with gifts on ChinChin a while ago too. It’s great to see S♡NEs taking initiative and doing these kinds of projects isn’t it? kS♡NE, iS♡NE, vS♡NE, sgS♡NE, phS♡NE, hkS♡NE, indoS♡NE, thaiS♡NE, jpS♡NE, chS♡NE, twS♡NE…We’re all quite different really, varying in size and power, but something we have in common is that we’re willing to support our 9 special girls no matter what right?

SNSD reps Asia ;D

source; soshivn.com, milky9 & cecil@soompi
article by; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean