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Cuesheet and note given to the staff by Tiffany

Still remember the staff account posted yesterday? Apparantly the same staffer commented more soon after that. In courtesy of silis7noy2,check out the translated messages under the cut!

And she posted additional comment, after people asked her if YulTi will be MCs for the Hallyu concert on Aug 29th:

“If SM would agree to it we are always ready to hire Tiffany and Yuri as special MCs ^^ And whenever SNSD does a special stage on Music Core you can always look forward to it.”

Someone asked her about YulTi’s microphones
“Tiffany and Yuri wanted them. But the prop unnie said no way, since you girls are coming back. So Music Core is keeping them~”

and another short account by her

“… many artists have debuted and did comebacks (on Music Core)
And all the food the fans send..
I think SNSD were the only ones who personally took each food and distributed them to the staff.
Normally they just leave the ice box there and people are free to get it, that’s how it is but SNSD girls serve us keke
Obviously the male staff will fall for SNSD… but female staff fall for them after getting to know them
You know there was broadcast accident at the comeback stage early this year;;
I was one of the staff watching from below stage who almost cried.

You may not have noticed watching on TV but on that day for the cuesheet we used bold italic only for SNSD Oh..
And with extra notes we staff had prepared specially for it.
So we were sorry for what happened but the girls just went around jumping yelling We are daebak!
I cannot forget Tiffany and the 8 girls.
SNSD jjang keke”

There are many accounts about celebrities floating around the Korean internet and to tell you the truth not all of them depict celebrities in nice ways. But every stories I’ve seen(real, not rumors) I’ve never seen one single account that saw the girls in a negative way. Some PDs even go out of their way to protect the girls, there was even one incident where one arrogant outside-hired staff made a not-nice comment about one of the girls and the PD got furious and fired that staff right away and made him unable to work in the kpop industry.

Another recent comment from SBS staff:
“… (SNSD girls have good image among industry insiders). It’s so good that the writers just continue to compliment Soshi being so great. And the PDs too; the girls always try harder than what’s been expected of them. The girls are second to none when it comes to work ethics”

A twit today from another Music Core staff
“So another era ends like this. Yuri and Tiffany you’ve done so well, go to Japan make daebak and come back… I was elsewhere I couldn’t say bye to YulTi TT TT”

As far as I know there was one time when Tiffany came on stage after getting IV shots in the morning, during Oh! promotion.

During the MC scenes only the upper bodies were in shot and Yuri held on to Tiffany’s hand tightly and the two barely did their duty..

I can remember the staff worrying a lot.

The next next day I met her when she came to do another MBC show and I tried to ask how she was

and she came jumping and greeted me Unnie hello~ then went away;;

So I thought she recovered but when they came next week the manager said the girls are not in good conditions –;;

Tiffany said Unnie I spread the disease in the dorm and I guess being girls they must be burdened a lot physically.

So that day the two were both not in good condition but on screen they talked excitedly even more than other days.

That’s compared to some other entertainers who will change their expressions and attitudes when they’re off-screen even for one day special MC job.

To let you know next week’s special MC still has not been decided;; like fans the staff are depressed and feeling empty..

It’s definitely heartwarming to see the girls leaving such a great impression on the staffers and receiving so much compliments from them.

Source : Soompi
Translation : silis7noy2
Article : zheming@snsdkorean