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Just a random and quick update on the girls’ latest activities. 

 On 31st July 7PM (yes just a few hours ago in KST), SNSD members kindly supported and gave some ‘encouragement’ to the popular male group they filmed ‘Cabi’ with – 2PM. Not only are these girls so talented and cute, but they are so warm-hearted and kind ! ~ 😛

SNSD, along with 2AM went to watch 2PM’s first solo concert performance at the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium to give them a good boost of genuine support!

This was 2PM’s FIRST concert – Don’t Stop Can’t Stop. Whilst Miss A and 2AM, who did the opening stage, sat in the audience with pleased and happy expressions, and this was no exception for SNSD. SNSD members simply sat in the audience and watched the concert cheerfully and had a good night out. 2PM performed over 30 songs  in around 2 hours !  Man that is tiring! So.. I’m guessing the girls’ must have had heaps of fun and entertainment during those 120 minutes. 😛

To be more specific, these are the soshi members who attended the live concert: Fany, Yul, Hyoyeon and Sica.

It’s wonderful to see the girls’ have some fun and relax a little bit, because  after all, they must be under a lot of pressure and be really busy due to their recent activities in Japan. Don’t get too tired soshi, have some rest. No matter what we will support you girls’! 😀

(Thanks to Andi for linking me this current photo of 2PM)

Credits: Hyunjin808@soshified