These are all rumors but I have to admit, they can get you pretty darn excited. Thanks to yurui on twitter for the information!

SNSD 1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Into the New World’ Live Album will be released on 9/9

1st Asia Tour Concert ‘Into the New World’ DVD will be released late this year

SNSD will song OST of Japanese Drama ‘Golden Pig’ in this fourth quarter. And OST will be released in October.

Goobne Chicken re-contracted with SM. So, SNSD will continue as model of Goobne until April 2011.

A few days back or was it a week ago (?), we thought that SNSD was done promoting with Goobne but with this new rumor, we’ll have to wait and see! Hopefully it hasn’t ended yet, I’ve always enjoyed the pictures they took 🙂

I think the one rumor that’s got fans going crazy is definitely the concert dvd and live album rumors! I’m just hopin’ like crazy that those are for real!