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We kinda all saw this coming, and now it’s official….First it was Taeyeon in ChinChin, then Yuri and Sunny in Invincible Youth, and now this 😦

After a pretty short run, due to the upcoming girls’ debut in Japan, Taengoo will be leaving WinWin soon. Fellow MC, Wooyoung, will also be leaving because of 2pm’s preparations for their upcoming concert. One of the staff members down at WinWin stated, “Wooyoung and Taeyeon will leave soon, and we are currently looking for their replacements,” however an official date hasn’t been set yet.

Honestly, this was inevitable. The girls are gonna be super busy with their debut and other activities, so, on the bright side it’ll be less of a burden on Taengoo. But it’s gonna be one helluva job to replace WooTae. I mean, who else is gonna be a huge dork and cutie all at the same time (btw, I’m talking about Taeyeon lol). They’ll sure be missed.

I just hope SweetPotatoCouple isn’t next…

For all you WooTae shippers!

Credit: Yurui912 twitter, Daum, Soompi (mossy)