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edit: now there’s TWO more hipster spots (busan and jeonju)! the more the merrier

Seoul is known as the Korean version of New York City. With huge shopping centers, media headquarters, etc. Seoul is the cool and sophisticated hipster spot. On the other hand, Busan and Jeonju are like the Iowa and North Dakota of Korea. There are fields, people with weird accents, and…… buffalo KPOP STARS!


Wannabes from Cali. Fanny, you silly girl.

Recently, singers hailing from Korea’s countrysides have been all the craze. With C.N.Blue’s leader (and Seohyun’s husband from “We Got Married”) Jung Yong Hwa, hip hop Supreme Team’s Simon D, and After School/ Orange Caramel member Rizzy Lizzy gaining attention for their Busan origin, we can’t forget our very own Jeonju girl TAENGOO!  [that coloring took way longer than it should. christ.]

People from Busan and Jeonju are famous for their easy going, naive, and childish personalities (think 2PM Taecyeon’s role in drama “Cinderella Sister”) and of course for their unique satoori (accent).

From Old Jeonju...

As if they had planned together, however, these clans of Busaners and Jeonjuns are shedding their countryside image and going for a more sophisticated theme. With new paparazzi shots of Lady Taeyeon, these kpop stars are showing the world how much cooler they are than lowly Seoulers. They ain’t no Asian hillbillies!

...to New Jeonju!

Does that mean no more Kid Leader for Snsd? It may seem so at first, but we all know there’s a reason why they’re called Girls’ Generation. They’re all just a bunch of girl chodings except for Yoona, who’s actually a male choding.

Taeyeon is on her way to becoming a sophisticated countrysider, but she will always be a little kid at heart who just happens to be a world class star. no big deal.

Look Mama! They got some buildings and stuff in Busan!

So for you guys- Go to Busan or Jeonju and  WORK THAT ACCENT!

Snsd enhances your Busan accent! No scam!