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I know it’s been a while since we’ve heard of the girls’ recent documentary “Right Now It’s Girls’ Generation,” so here’s some videos of the remaining 2 episodes!

SoshiSubs had recently uploaded the subbed Episode 3. It’s mainly behind the scenes stuff from their various music videos, including Into the New World, Girls Generation, Kissing You, Gee, Genie, and Oh, and a little bit of the girls becoming ambassadors for Incheon Airport in the beginning. It’s seriously heart warming to see how much the girls have grown as seen in their music videos. Our girls are growing up!

And also I just recently found Episode 4, the FINAL EPISODE. In it they show LEGIT SCENES, rather than fancams and stuff, from their first concert. I think the scenes are from their first night of the concert, as there’s no stuff from the Oh! Album. For the most part the scenes are uncut and pretty long. Just a warning tho these vids are unsubbed, but really there’s no need as much of it is their concert. ENJOY!

(btw, that time when they sing “complete” always gets to me <3)

Episode 3

Episode 4

Just check the channels for the remaining parts 🙂

Source: youtube (ytmsyjsh; ssfsubs6), soshified