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For those of you that can’t make it to SM Town Live in LA this September, this is probably as close as you’ll get to being there.

…there’s a comment that SMTown Live in LA to be filmed in 3D by James Cameron Crew

– bossa747 regarding a Korean article.

As very briefly mentioned earlier, there was a rumor about SM & James Cameron working on something, and this just might be it. Imagine: Soshi in your living room (sorta). XD Keep in mind though, the media (blu-ray?) would probably be limited to a 3D TV, which at the moment, probably costs more than going to the concert (which is incomparable). If Samsung does their North American 3D TV campaign with the girls however… lololol. I’m not sure how accurate the article is, so for now let’s keep it as a rumor/possibility. =)

cr: bossa747@twitter