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As is the usual custom, the girls (minus Sunny and Taeyeon) just celebrated Seobaby’s birthday with a fun get-together with some lucky fans. There’s been like…a massive splurge of fan accounts so I’ll just post them all. All translated by silis7noy2, one whom you ought to love and respect ❤

First Fany appeared with a mischievous expression kekeke

Someone unfamiliar appeared so we were wondering who? then Fany said Rino~ Rino~ kekekeke
So then fans knew it was the choreographer!! People’s reaction was like 0.0 kekeke
Girls said when she dances Oh! it’s something else keke

Hyoyeon and Sooyoung were in casual wears and Sica wore the green polka shirt she had on in Hello Baby
It was funny kekeke Yoona wore black shirt and a black hat and Yuri wore white shirt and a white hat kekekeke

Sooyoung said let’s call Seohyun so we call Seohyun~ and she appeared
Hello I’m SNSD’s maknae Seohyun~ kekeke
With a lovely hairdo and a ribbon headband kekeke maknae was so cute today kekeke she spoke a lot keke she responded to Sooyoung’s quips too

They were standing in this order Hyoyeon-Sica-Rino-Sooyoung-Seohyun-Yoona-Yuri-Fany

After Seohyun appeared Sooyoung’s MC instinct took over kekeke
Said we must call the cake too like “Hey cake~” then it would appear keke
So we call one two three Hey cake~ kekeke

Yuri said Seohyun is already twenty years old and they say ah yucky! and the girls agree and tease her, and Fany says We don’t have teenagers anymore it’s all because of you Seohyun kekeke

… Sica says the cake is just made of cream, hinting at something kekekeke and Seohyun retreats to the back kekeke Sooyoung says since she’s maknae~ then Fany shouts So what if she’s maknae! and when Seohyun hid behind her Fany said Hey I’m not going to protect you kekeke

But Fany is just words and she is just adoring maknae there kekeke saying the cake is too pretty and she can’t cream her then Yuri said Ok then Seohyunah why don’t you put the cake on your face yourself keke You want unnies to do it? Or yourself~ kekeke
But before that Sica already had cream on her hands keke
While the girls were talking she attacked Seohyun’s cheeks with cream! Sooyoung also was hiding cream she attacked too! And our cute Seohyun had cream on her cheeks kekeke
It’s ok to leave the cream on her cheeks but unnies cleaned her cheeks keke Yoona took good care cleaning her…
Yuri asked Fany what she did when she was twenty years old, then Fany kekeke she said she debuted~ Then said oh no it was when I was nineteen kekeke

While cutting cake Sooyoung asked Seohyun what her goal was as she is in her twenties now, and said listen to unnies and be more flexible. Then Seohyun said she is now flexible kekeke
“Advancing to the big world Japan we will have Japan conquered by SNSD.” says maknae with a big ambition!

So it’s ogeul time kekekeke the girls are ogeul already kekeke they want to skip this part and will do it themselves later but Sooyoung says they need to speak their hearts to Seohyun… keke

Fany started first and said she saw Seohyun since grade 6 and now she is in college before her. Fany heard the new OST song and felt Seohyun has matured a lot and have really grown up. She hopes Seohyun can overcome any difficult challenges and she is proud of how passionate person Seohyun is. And the two hugged tightly.

Next was Yuri and at that moment Seohyun’s OST was playing and Yuri asked Seohyun for a little live singing kekeke First she was embarrassed but the fans demanded wildly and she sings a bit then says she’ll sing for us again later TT TT Fany asked people to listen to her new OST kekeke
Yuri said she has seen Seohyun since when she was in 5th grade and it’s been 8 years now.
Beginning as trainees together they debuted together and now she can celebrate Seohyun’s 20th birthday…
She said something like let’s make nice memories in the days to come ^_^;;

Yoona said being a maknae herself she couldn’t take good care of her dongsaeng Seohyun
Seohyun is a smart student and she keeps going to same school as her so Yoona is peeved keke
and Sooyoung said Oh is that so.. keke but no Yoona said she was happy they attended school together kekeke

Sooyoung wanted dongsaeng badly but it didn’t happen kekeke now there was someone to look after which was great and she was thankful but Seohyun was too baby-like and never thought they would become one team kekeke
Sooyoung then said Also Yoona… and Yoona glared at her and said What? kekekeke
Yuri said Sooyoungah you and Yoona are born same year~ kekeke
Sooyoung insisted she was one grade higher kekeke

Maknae is the last stronghold for SNSD they said and she should not be tainted and her pureness must be saved kekeke
She can continue to be adored by manager oppas kekeke
Sooyoung says Seohyun is the most pure of all idols and the girls agree kekeke
She should meet a good husband then Yoona laughs hehehe and looks at the fans and they were looking down kekeke
Sooyoung mentioned Yong Seobang too … kekeke but even Sooyoung’s expression seemed sad kekeke
But seemed relieved that it’s only virtual marriage kekeke

Seohyun went and stood by each unnies when they were talking keke
So Yoona noted that she’s the first one to do that…
When Sica was talking Seohyun went to her and the difference in height made fans laugh
and Sooyoung says to Seohyun to give Sica a hug kekekekeke
Sica with a bashful expression said she used to make Seohyun sit on her lap and now she has grown up like this, Seohyun shouldn’t just eat organic food but eat pizzas and chickens with unnies..
She begged maknae to join her unnies since they’re not doing anything bad keke
Sica said Seohyun seems younger than Krystal to her.. it could be a good thing or not kekeke now Seohyun is twenty so she should join her unnies kekeke

Oh and Sica said then that
“When we go to Japan we will only have ourselves together.”

That’s what she said TT TT TT TT
Don’t know why, these words ring in my heart TT TT TT TT

Next was Hyoyeon she said Seohyun seems more like an unnie keke
Yoona said it’s because you are Kim Choding! Yuri said Kim the 10-year-old kekeke
Hyo said she learned a lot from Seohyun and maybe she tainted Seohyun…
She doesn’t know how to express it but just loves her so so much
She said let’s be together forever until death, and the two were tearing up TT TT

So Seohyun started crying and Sooyoung said why don’t you tell us how you feel.
Seohyun says she is alone at home she always wanted an unnie but she can’t make one (Everyone laughs)
She is grateful that she met the 8 unnies then she starts crying voice trembling.
So touching to hear what Seohyun was saying, and the background music was her song It’s Ok Even If It Hurts… TT TT


*Note: Some redundant parts already in other fan accts were not translated. Also edited some missing parts using other accts.

And then here’s a bunch of shorter fan accounts that were posted up by fans;

Maknae started crying with Hyoyeon’s turn to speak and then when told to make a speech she cried rivers and said “I’m an only daughter at home ever since young I was envious of other kids who had sisters. I wished I had an unnie… but you can’t make unnies at will. I needed unnies and I was so envious of kids with unnies, I was always thinking I wanted an unnie. Then by chance I have met nine unnies, no I mean eight unnies and I am really too happy and I can always feel unnies really think of me as their real sister. So I’m not sure if I deserve so much love and I am so thankful that I learned so many things from unnies. Ah… I can’t express it in words but there are things that I’m sorry to each unnies… from now on… I will do my best to become a proud dongsaeng. I love you unnies”

Then Sooyoung told maknae she doesn’t have to think that she needs to do any better because she is just doing way too good now.. If she does any better it would be icky kekeke

To fans,

Seohyun: Ah I think I am such a fortunate person! I am getting so much, such a big love that I should not take it for granted, I am truly grateful that each one of you have come here to congratulate me on my birthday. To become a singer that you can really be proud of always I will never lose my true heart and forever!! I will do my best. Thank you.

Sooyoung: We are thinking we are so blessed because we have you fans, we are so fortunate to get so much love. But I didn’t know, but you our fans think you are fortunate to have met us. Thinking of your caring hearts I am so moved and these hours are so precious, but we are going to Japan you know… but it’s not like we are going there for good… We will be going back and forth a lot.. We’ll come so often that you will say What? I thought they went to Japan? kekeke. We’ll be here often don’t ever think we will be apart and there will be events planned for you so don’t be sad. And wherever we are at any time, even though we will be under different skys from you we will always know that you will be there cheering for us. Continue to cheer for us a lot and watch us.

Yuri: I just have one thing to say.. Uh… we will show even more effort… and we will not let you fans down. I truly mean it.

Tiffany: We are doing our best.

Sooyoung: We won’t let you down.. Never. Please be with us to the end.


Sooyoung said this
“We are going to Japan you know… but it’s not like we are going there for good… We will be going back and forth a lot.. We’ll be here so often that you will say Huh? Have they really gone to Japan? (Yoona: Yup Yup) so don’t be sad. Please cheer a lot for us and continue to watch us~”


During the ending Yuri interrupted and said TT the girls don’t want to dissapoint us fans so they always really try their best… They will continue to work hard to never to disappoint the fans TT It could be seen from Yuri’s expression how true she meant it TT Sooyoung agreed too TT


At the end Sooyoung said, then let’s meet again next time, but when is the next time?
Then she said Oh it’ll be tomorrow, so let’s meet tomorrow (Tomorrow SNSD will be at the World Cup celebration event)
You will come yes?
Then I think Yoona… said Seohyun won’t make it
She is going to see her husband~ Seohyun has WGM filming TT TT


Taengoo and Sunny didn’t come, the choreographer Rino came~~
Mostly Sooyoung led the birthday ceremony~~
Yuri’s fashion was an explosive force kekeke (said she had to go straight to practice after party)
Girls said Seohyun is now 20 years old and teased her
During the talk when each member was speaking in turn Seohyun followed them and stood by each one and listened closely..
Then cried in the end.. TT TT
During cake cutting finally Sica succeeded in putting cream on Seohyun’s both cheeks kekekeke
Sica said on her birthday the cream was pushed into her nose kekeke
Told Seohyun to drop her face on the cake herself.. kekeke
They didn’t have a questioins session
I didn’t get the prizes!!
The prize was a Seohyun signed Run Devil Run poster~
The 2nd person who got the prize was Beast Yoon Doojoon’s uncle(??)~ kekeke

-Only SOsi@sosiz

Sooyoung was talking about when they’ll gather with fans again, then said it looks like they’ll be meeting at some big place~ Then Fany said “Since it’s my birthday~~~~~~ ” keke such aegyo keke
Sooyoung checked her and said the meeting is after the birthday but Fany said “No we do them together~” keke

Yuri was full of kkab for 30 minutes
Then right before it was ending
Her voice was choking up
and said she won’t let the fans down.
She says Really.. and with mouth shut tight she would look at us fans.

I didn’t tear up for any of their talks before
But I was choking up that moment.
In her words… I understood what she was meaning in those words


*oguel = we should learn this Korean word since the girls use it often. Ogeul indicates something shriveling, something that makes you cringe. If you see something too cute, too sweet, too tacky, too corny, too affectionate, too emotional etc you feel ogeul ogeul. It’s not used in a mocking way but in a good sense, usually when the person is feeling pleasantly embarrassed and bashful of something.

Man, these fan accounts have everything. SoShibond and touching moments are a given when it comes to SNSD’s b-day bashes, but we also got some insight as to how SNSD’s Japanese promotions will go as well as Rino! God damn effing Rino-sama ❤

For those who don’t know, Rino Nakasone is a (bad-ass) choreographer who’s worked with alot of SM artists, and she’s just awesome. I hope she does the choreography for SNSD’s Japanese debut. ^^

HBD again, our beloved and beautiful maknae ❤

Also – A random fan-taken photo of Seobaby outside bookstore. Book-nerd Hyun haha.

creds and sources; silis7noy2, bestiz, dc
article by; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean