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Was anybody wondering why Dandyu were absent from Seobaby‘s birthday party? Taeyeon I have no idea, but Sunny I can tell you about.

Apparently, the girl just flew to Japan. O.o right?

Let's play "Spot the Shorty"

Why? Well word has it that she is going to participate in the filming of yet another Invincible Youth episode! Everyone’s been missing SunRi on the show and already we are getting to see one of them as a guest on the show. Apparently Sunny will be joining G7 while they film a farming-experience special or something along those lines in Japan. Don’t really know why, but I guess it’s  because the PD wanted to have an old member guest on the show, plus with SNSD going to Japan soon it’s good promotion.

There is also going to be a fanmeet/concert like event for G7 in Japan on the 30th, so I’m guessing Sunny will be attending that. Yay ❤

I am definitely looking forward to some classic Hyomin+Sunny love as well as some of that hilarious Shinyoung+Sunny comedy action.

Ah, mysterious gurl…

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