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With the girls just coming out of vacation, all the fans have been eagerly anticipating seeing all nine of the girls up on stage together again. Music Bank (bless their souls) have treated with not just one, but three special stages with SNSD.

First up we have Taeyeon and Seohyun performing Kelly Clarkson’sMy Life Would Suck Without You” in a band alongside Super Junior’s Sungmin, C.N.Blue’s Yonghwa, Minhyuk and Jungshin, Kara’s Gyuri and Hara and 2AM’s Jinwoon. Definitely something new and fun heheh. Taeng’s looking ultra sex-ay~ Her voice cracked a bit there, but she’d be rusty after being on break for a few weeks. I hope she’s careful with her voice or she’ll end up with the same problems as Tiffany. She still gave a brilliant performance with great pronunciation though. Taeyeon has that self-depricating look on her face right after the voice-crack…C’mon Leadah Taeng, don’t be so hard on yourself!

Dancing Queen Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri and Yoona came out for a very much awesome dance break full of mega-hotness in which they showed off their synchronization and mad-skillz before leading into ‘Oh!’ Fany seems to be lip-syncing (as she should be with her voice problems), but I ain’t pleased with her lack of camera-time.

Some minour slip-ups plus Taeng looking pretty out-of-energy – either strained it during the previous perf or she’s not feeling well – , but hey, out girls are just coming off break plus it’s good to see them on stage again. Heck, the fanchants were hella loud though. Just goes to show that everyone’s been missing Korea’s 9 Angels as they call them.

Our girls took home the half-year k-chart (honestly, everybody expected it), so congrats to them! That means it’s been 6 k-chart wins for ‘Oh!’. ‘Run Devil Run‘ also came in at 5th on the charts.

According to a fan from bestiz, the earphones weren’t working during the band performance but when they asked if they could perform again they weren’t allowed to because of lack of time despite Taeyeon saying that the sound system wasn’t working properly. Apparently this is why she was upset during the ‘Oh!’ performance. During the thank you speech she said something about it and said that she hoped that Music Bank would be a make a good environment for the singers or something along those lines. Yeah, sounds like Taeyeon to be upset that she can’t perform her best for the fans. She must’ve felt really strongly about it considering the MC had called on Jessica and Seohyun looked like she was about to say something. Personally, I love that Leader Taeng took initiative like that. I’m all for you Tae. ^^ Sometimes if the staff (who’s job is to help the singers) won’t listen, you gotta go ahead and let them know on live broadcast. ❤

Congratulations again girls, and it’s so great to see you all on stage together again! ^^
How we all liking the new layout by the way? Honestly I like that I can write more without the page looking crowded. 😀

sources: UnknownCarrot120@YT, bestiz, lolly88
article by: procrastinatoress@snsdkorean