Edit: To clear any confusion, no, they are not performing Run Devil Run.

Music Bank:

On Friday 6:40PM KST, (a few hours…) SNSD is going to be performing for the half year special. There are 3 stages that the girls are going to be a part of. The first is a special stage, combining SNSD, SuJu, Kara, 2AM, and CNBlue. The second is a special dance stage, which will be the girls only. The third is a performance of Oh!.


It was recently announced that FO2 is cancelled. There isn’t going to be a special for the last episode, it’s just being thrown out the window. They tried many things to save it, such as bringing in more idols to liven things up, but ratings have dropped greatly compared to the first season. In fact, when FO2 first began its run, it seemed as if many netizens predicted this would happen DUE to the idols joining.

I’m actually sort of happy about this. Recently, 2PM’s Taecyeon was on Tae’s show, Win Win. He showed his true feelings about his “scandal” with YoonA. He is devastated because netizens have put a lot of strain on their friendship, making the environment very uncomfortable for them both. He continued to say that they never meet outside of FO2 filming. He clarified (for the 10,000th time) that they were not dating. Hopefully, the cancellation of FO2 will allow this to die down so that they can move on with their friendship.