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After Taeyeon and Yoona, Seobaby has also kindly left the fans with an adorable Star Call Video Message.

Translations by silis7noy2;

What are you doing now?
I am studying hard for my finals now
Everyone you all must be studying hard now~
Let’s cheer up and do our best
and get high grades~
Let’s study hard

In other news, Taeyeon’s Umma told a fan that Taeyeon is ‘itching to be active again’, Sooyoung was spotted in Manhattan with her big sister Soojin, Jessica left a message on Woorissica.com well-wishing the fans, Yuri was seen at a cafe with fans and browsing at a car dealer’s, Seohyun was seen shopping with Yonghwa and went to watch Ock Juhyun’s musical, and Yoona was seen running around in a subway with Jokwon, most likely for FO2 filming. The members have also been watching the World Cup with their families.

Their little break ends in a few days, and things should be returning to ‘normal’ for them soon. Let’s hope they are well rested! ^^

Oh, and there have been people saying things about the girls getting name-changes for their Japanese debut, but don’t believe them. Their names are just being written a little differently in Japanese.

ユナ Yuna
スヨン Suyon
ユリ Yuri
ソヒョン Sohyun
ジェシカ Jeshika
テヨン Teyon
サニー Sanii
ヒョヨン Hyoyon
ティファニー Tiffany

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