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It's Over?!

After only five weeks of being an intern nurse on the KBS show “Happy Birthday”, the ice princess is resigning from being the permanent guest.

Now before I go on, if you haven’t seen the show (neither have I actually..), Jessica is not only an intern nurse, but one that helps take care of the new borns. I can’t say I’m 100% correct but judging from youtube clips, that seems to be what she does!

Here’s a  youtube clip from the show (from what I’ve read from fans..Jess is more famous on this show for her bluntness but sadly she doesn’t get much commentary for the most part)

Her final episode was just yesterday June 7th and her farewell was short but sweet. “It was very fun. Let’s meet again next time!”

source; seohyun_is_best@soshified
writer; bosslady@snsdkorean