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Edit: Added new batches of pictures. Also added 5 more videos from DVD!! You can thank me later 😛

Edit2:dreadtech here,  5 More vids from the dvd, posted in order, 40 MORE MINUTES OF GOODNESS!

Warning: Heavy number of pictures.

After a rough night.

Remember when the >>photobook and the DVDs got released?<< Well, capturing the essence of it all, here are the >>videos<< and pictures you all have been waiting for!

If it does any justice, please support the girls and purchase the photo book, but we do not encourage you to get them by devious means! We will post up new pictures as they come by, so hang in tight! As much as we get to save money on the digital scans and uploaded videos of the DVD, it wouldn’t have the same effect as owning the physical copy, flipping pages after pages of glossy goodness, and smile silly when you find a picture you can relate to. But on a side note, if you happen to have received your package, do tell us! We’d love to hear from you guys. As for now, here are the pic spams 😀

p.s. please excuse us if there’s any double pic post 😛 Bulk uploading ftl.

Here are a couple of videos from the DVD for your entertainment. Be prepared to smile silly 😀

As for the long cuts, a sone posted the introduction clip as well as footage from Day 1.

Picture Credis: albi-albi-albi, zahieyjunki, alicelovesbum, cloudsaerif, emilyk91, unknownjair, procrastinatoress, ♥♥PowerOf9, sukimiy, tipmoney, iwanttodreamwithyouforever, deery7, jellytang9, bekkychan, vizyu, as tagged.

Video Credits: SmoothyEcoS02 + SNSD790705 + chyansie9xx @ YouTube.

Compiled by: ruraldaze @ snsdkorean.