Very short update but quite informative. It’s already spread like wildfire so might as well post it on here too..

According to bossa747@twitter, Yoona was spooted in Paris with her family! We don’t think she was disturbed much by fans thank goodness so she’ll probably have a wonderful time! Woohoo 🙂

And one other thing from bossa:

There was a rumor that Yoona would go backpacking to Europe. I went like WTF? But fortunately it wasn’t that hardcore LOL

Dayumm. Backpacking. hahaha.

Hopefully the trip will continue to go smoothly for Yoong and the fam and if anyone does happen to spot her, try not to disturb her. A quick wave or smile will suffice. It just makes me smile to imagine the girls getting a break and travelling all over. First Sooyoung on the east coast, Tae in SG, and rumors that Tiff and Jess in LA.